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No info about terror plot on Kafeel's hard disc: Police

By Vicky Nanjappa
September 21, 2007 16:34 IST
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The Bangalore police have not found any information about the failed United Kingdom terror plot from the hard discs seized from Kafeel Ahmed's residence.

The two hard discs, each with a capacity of 120 GB, were sent to the Andhra Pradesh Forensic Sciences Laboratory to be decoded. However, the police say they only found some 'Jihaadi literature' on the hard disc.

The discs contain several speeches made by Imam Awlaki, the Muslim scholar known for his anti American approach. In his speeches, the Imam talks about the various atrocities being committed by America. Kafeel's hard discs also have speeches by Islamic hardliners like al-Qaeda leaders Osama Bin Laden and Aymen Al-Zawahiri.

The police also found graphic videos of the massacres at Kashmir and also the Jenin bombings. The Jenin video shows various interviews with the affected people of the area. There are several scenes of wounded babies, crying parents etc, with a religious hymn being chanted in the background.

In the Kashmir video, which has been shot by a British journalist, women narrate tales of atrocities by the police and the army.

According to the police, possessing such videos is not an offence and this is not sufficient evidence to conclude that Kafeel was a terrorist.

"We are unaware of the evidence which the British police have with them. All we can say that is that the hard discs did not contain anything related to the UK terror plot," said a senior police official.

The disc also contained videos of Daniel Pearl's execution, the Chechnyan incident and scenes from the Iraq war. However, the police say that such material can be found on the hard discs of many people.

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Vicky Nanjappa
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