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Pune blast: RDX usage points towards Pakistan

February 14, 2010 19:03 IST

Traces of RDX were found in the bomb that was used in the Pune blast, a fact confirmed by the investigating agencies. It is a well-known fact that everytime RDX is used in a blast, the finger automatically points to Pakistan.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that all terror groups in India source RDX only from Pakistan, since terror groups over there have set up units where RDX is produced.

The Lashkar-e-Tayiba over the years has set up several units of its own, known as 'terror factories.' The RDX unit is one among the several units that has been set up by the Lashkar in their several camps at Murdike and Manshera.

Sources say that RDX is used for blasts of a larger magnitude. Security agencies point out that even when India-based outfits use RDX for blasts, it is always sourced from Pakistan, since it is not possible for them to manufacture it locally.

The fact that RDX was used in the Pune blast is a clear indication that the substance was sourced from Pakistan and stored at one of the modules in Pune before it was used in the German bakery.

The investigating agencies now have an additional headache, since they are presently trying to find out whether there were more consignments of RDX that were brought alongwith the one that was used in the Pune blast.

IB sources say that RDX is smuggled into India months before a terror strike is carried out. The most common method that was being used at first was to send it in through the terrorists, who used to infiltrate into the country.

However over the years, infiltration has become increasingly difficult. As a result, now the terror groups in Pakistan feel that they should stock up more RDX with their Indian modules.

Hence, off late they have been pumping in RDX in larger quantities and have used the cement export as a route. There have been a couple of instances to show that Pakistan-based groups have sent in RDX alongwith a cement consignment into north India, which was later picked up the Indian modules.

The IB says that these groups are constantly innovating and finding newer techniques to send in RDX in bulk into the country.

Apart from sending in RDX through a cement consignment, it is always a rule that any militant who manages to infiltrate into the country will have to carry more RDX that what is required for the blast he is planning.

Before he goes about his mission, he always drops off some quantity at a designated spot, so that one of the cadres would pick up the same and use it for the next attack.

The IB points out that there have been no instances to show that RDX is being produced in India, since it is extremely difficult to set up a plant of this nature unless the government or the machinery is hand in glove with this.

But in Pakistan the situation is different and terror groups openly produce or procure RDX and pump it into India.

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Vicky Nanjappa in Bengaluru