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Dom's Take: Luxury or Necessary?

October 06, 2020 15:12 IST
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The economy is in a seemingly bottomless hole.

Millions and millions of jobs have been lost.

Millions and millions of Indians are confronted by a terrifying future.

No one knows when the economy will recover.

And Narendra Damodardas Modi and his ministers appear to have little idea of how to fix the economy and ensure that millions of Indians are not trapped in the vice grip of debt and desolation for most of their lives.

No matter what the state of the economy, Modi won't abandon what he has set his heart on.

No, we are not talking here about his political agenda. We merely direct readers's attention to the government's expensive and grand plans to build a new Parliament and Delhi vista, which frankly can wait till the economy recovers and we are closer to achieving the $5 trillion economy than orbiting Jupiter.

Just when India's GDP records its worst quarter in decades arrives a custom-made B777 aircraft which will be used to fly the President, vice president and prime minister -- no prizes for guessing which of those personages will use it most.

The price tag to buy and retrofit this and a companion B777 aircraft? Rs 8,400 crore or Rsa 84 billion or at today's exchange rate, $1.14 billion ($1,14,45,93,240).

Dominic Xavier wonders if such expenditures is merited at a time when the Republic is passing through such tough times.

Illustration: Dominic Xaiver


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