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Dalai Lama advocates non-violent means to solve Tibetan issue

Last updated on: February 02, 2014 19:17 IST

Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama today reiterated that ‘non-violent way is the most practical way resolve the lingering Tibetan issue’ and there is need to heed to the history that mentions about the existence of three ancient empires  -- the Chinese, the Tibetan and the Mongoloid.

Delivering his first public oration in Guwahati, Dalai Lama during the course of his elaborate speech on : ‘A human approach to peace and individual’ said that he had found the new Chinese government led by the new president more realistic and hoped that he would develop policies based on truth and reality.

“He is seeking truth from facts,” Dalai Lama said while referring to the Chinese president.

The Tibetan leader pointed out that there was a plethora problems plaguing the globe and one should try to solve local problems by remaining concerned about the global context so that one can solve local problems through humane way.

“The reality today is that the whole world has become a small blue planet which has no physical barriers when observed from the space. So we need deep sense of concern of well being of the entire humanity and health of the planet. Self-centered attitude is a human nature, but this leads to more anxiety, distrust, fear and anger,” he said.

He pointed out that United States is a big country and has a good motive of restoring democracy and liberty in some troubled corners of the world but the method adopted by it (the use of force) to achieve it is unrealistic as had been proved in handling crises in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“So time has come for us to adopt only non-violent means to solve all local, national and global problems.”

He lauded the Europen nations for taking a ‘mature decision, to adopt the concept of European Union which has led to solution to many a problems among various nations within the continent. 

He prescribed for similar ‘pan African’ model for solution of problems in African continent.

Image: Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama in Guwahati

K Anurag in Guwahati