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Class 10 Results: How girls in remote parts of Maharashtra impressed

June 17, 2016 09:26 IST

Though the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education's Secondary School Certificate examination threw up a pass percentage of 89.56, which is at 1.90 per cent less than last year, the results threw up other interesting figures.

An analysis of the state's Class 10 result done by Rediff Labs revealed that in 97 per cent of the Talukas in 36 districts in Maharashtra, girls had fared better than boys.

The map below visualize the difference of pass percentage of girls and boys in every taluka.

Girls registered an overall pass percentage of 91.41 while boys registered a pass percentage of 87.98.

The talukas where the pass percentage difference between girls and boys is over 20% are listed below. Interestingly, none of these talukas are big cities!

Taluka Boys passed (%) Girls passed (%)
Nashik, Nashik 58.78 81.77
Deola, Nashik 60.09 82.33
Khalapur, Raigad 49.08 71.22
Tiosa, Amravati 59.30 81.07
Poladpur, Raigad 69.36 90.95
Kavathemahankal, Sangali 70.58 92.02
Igatpuri, Nashik 60.83 81.54
Bhatkuli, Amravati 50.35 70.63
Newasa, Ahamadnagar 66.44 86.49

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