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CBI has unleashed the mob on us: Aarushi's parents

February 08, 2011 21:48 IST
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A day before a special court decides on the Central Bureau of Investigation closure report in the Aarushi-Hemraj murder case, mother of the slain teenager Nupur Talwar on Tuesday accused the investigating agency of "unleasing mob" on her family.

"I am surprised in this entire society there is only a handful of people who wanted to hear our story, wanted to understand, see our side of things. The way the CBI has behaved, the way they have unleashed this mob on us and the way large parts of the media have been so irresponsible. Naturally then society has dealt with us in the manner it has," she said in an interview to Headlines Today news channel.

Speaking for the first time after her husband was attacked by a man outside the court, the Talwar couple said, "Utsav (the attacker) shouldn't have been there. He shouldn't have been roaming around with a weapon. This can happen to anybody."

Criticising the media for its commentary on the murder case, Rajesh Talwar said, "Everybody does their job. I also do my job to the best of my ability, but whatever you do you are accountable to somebody. I am accountable to my patients. It's wrong on the media's part to prejudge people, create this kind of hysteria."

"I am going through hell because I don't have my child, and beyond that there is so much of insensitivity. I have lost faith in humanity." Nupur said, "We are not happy sitting in front of TV cameras. We are forced to be there. We have been pushed into a corner. The media has made us infamous, not popular," she added.

Speaking about the attack, Rajesh said, "It was touch and go. I was losing a lot of blood and my blood pressure had also fallen a lot. If my brother hadn't taken me to Apollo Hospital in time, I wouldn't have survived."

"Life has become extremely difficult for me and I don't know what to do. I was doing a lot of work and it helped me pass time and keep my thoughts to myself. The only thing that kept me distracted from all that was happening was my practice and that has been taken away from me," he said.

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