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Bigg Boss 11: How Puneesh smashed Hina's plans

By Rohan Shinde
Last updated on: November 17, 2017 12:26 IST
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Equations change, and change drastically, in the Bigg Boss house. Rohan Shinde brings you up to date.

Shilpa Shinde

IMAGE: Shilpa Shinde is stunned by Akash Dadlani's volte-face. All photographs: Kind courtesy Colors TV

Beware of a friend turned foe.

Shilpa Shinde discovers this reality the hard way when Akash Dadlani turns against her.

As the bile between them increases, she says that if children turn out to be shameless like Akash, then people should not have kids.

Akash continues to rile her, and calls her and Arshi Khan the most negative people in the house. The accusations get too much for Shilpa and she breaks down.

Bandgi Kalra who, till now, was in Shilpa’s corner, also turns against her.

Hina Khan, who’s not too fond of Shilpa, is pretty happy with the turn of events and vows not to speak to Shilpa till the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Vikas Gupta is trying his best to break the Hina, Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi alliance.

Hina Khan

IMAGE: Now that she's out of the captaincy race, Hina Khan seems least interested in plotting and planning.

The big twist

On Day 46, and Day 2 of the BB Dino Park task, the game gets uglier.

The dinosaurs – Luv, Puneesh and Vikas – still have quite a few pictures of the housemates to destroy and get more aggressive.

While Luv knocks Akash out of the captaincy race, Puneesh knock outs Benafsha Soonawala.

When Puneesh gets a second turn, he initially wants to knock Hiten Tejwani out but soon decides that Sapna Choudhary is a less worthy candidate, leaving the Haryanvi lass angry and upset.

Vikas has, as he explains to Shilpa, allied with Puneesh and Bandgi for the task.

This, later, gives him grief. When he gets the opportunity to knock a name, he has only two choices -- Hiten and Bandgi.

Since he has made a commitment to the couple, he does not want to destroy Bandgi’s image. Nor does he want to destroy Hiten’s.

He decides he won’t break anyone’s picture but Bigg Boss issues a warning.

Hiten, in the interest of the house, says the luxury budget task should completed and convinces Vikas to break his photograph.

The decision hits Vikas hard, particularly since Hiten has finally said he wants to be the captain, and he tearfully apologises to the most ‘suljha hua (sorted)’ person in the house.

For a change, probably since she is out of the captaincy task, Hina seem most disinterested in plotting and planning.

Vikas and Luv clash despite task sanchalak (supervisor) Hiten’s warnings.

It’s advantage Puneesh, who knocks Priyank out of the captaincy race, leaving Luv shell-shocked. No wonder Vikas calls Luv ‘bail buddhi’. How did Luv expect otherwise?

The captaincy challenge will now take place between Puneesh, Bangdi and Luv.

Team Hina is certainly worried.

Puneesh and Bandgi

IMAGE: Puneesh ensures Bandgi remains in the race for captaincy.

Contestant of the day

Undoubtedly, Puneesh, who seems to be another mastermind in the making.

After plotting and planning with Luv, when his turn comes, he smartly knocks Priyank out of the captaincy race.

His planning, and the way he executed those plans, worked perfectly.

His lady love, Bandgi, must be pretty happy with him.

Puneesh, Vikas and Luv

IMAGE: Puneesh outplays Vikas and Luv in the luxury budget task.

My Take

Vikas, who has been anti-Luv, now begins to find him ‘cute’. Is this another plan to break the Hina-Priyank-Luv alliance?

Akash is trying hard to stay in the limelight by constantly instigating Shilpa and Arshi.

Puneesh may have posed a challenge to Vikas, but Mr Gupta still is the smartest cat in the room.

And Luv, despite all his physical strength, could not protect his friends -- Hina, Priyank and Benafsha.

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Rohan Shinde