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This article was first published 8 years ago  » News » The poster wars of Kerala

The poster wars of Kerala

By Shobha Warrier
May 04, 2016 09:14 IST
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Imaginative, innovative and exceptional.
The election posters of both the Left Democratic Front and the ruling United Democratic Front are creative and unique in ideas and execution.
We have not seen such election posters before, reports Shobha Warrier/
All Photographs: Sreeram Selvaraj for

These posters are not the traditional ones with images of party leaders on them; they are aesthetically designed with each poster promoting an idea.

If the catch phrase of the UDF poster is, 'The state should grow, the government should continue (Valaranam ee naadu, Thudaranam ee bharanam),' that of the LDF is, 'The LDF will come, everything will be alright (LDF varum, Ellam sariyakum).'

If the UDF posters are positive, talking about the Oomen Chandy government's achievements, the LDF posters slam the Chandy government on the various scams it is involved in.

On the UDF posters, a hot issue in Kerala like the closing down of bars is perceived thus: 'There is peace at home after the closing down of bars. 730 bars closed and use of alcohol reduced by 26 per cent.'

The same issue on the LDF posters is about a man with a remote in his hand watching a TV channel that talks about corruption on the shutting down bars.

This UDF poster is targeted at the young people of Kerala, talking about a start-up revolution in the state.

This LDF poster asks: Should not a time come when development reaches the farmer too?

The LDF asks: Should we not include the care of the old in the development process?

The UDF talks about taking care of 1,420,000 sick people by spending Rs 1,200 crore on healthcare.

The UDF says the world comes to Kerala as the Smart City offers jobs to 90,000 people.

The LDF asks: Should we not stop the journey to communalism?

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Shobha Warrier /
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