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Assam wants CBI probe into rhino poaching

By K Anurag
January 29, 2013 22:27 IST

Concerned over the recent frequent incidents of rhino poaching in KazirangaNational Park and other places in the state, the Assam government has moved the government to entrust the Central Bureau of Investigation to probe into a suspected conspiracy of certain forces with vested interests behind killing of the precious animal for its horn.

The Asam government views the frequency of poaching incidents as a result of a conspiracy of certain forces with vested interest.

The alleged nexus of some insurgent elements with poachers would also be probed into. The Assam government on Tuesday stated that any conspiracy to endanger wildlife will be dealt with firmly.

“The state government is fully committed to wildlife conservation, and has taken a slew of initiatives in this regard. Notwithstanding the incidents of poaching, wildlife conservation in the State on the whole has been successful,” a statement issued from the chief minister’s office said.

Meanwhile, the Criminal Investigation Department of the CID of Assam police has taken over the investigation of seven cases related to rhino poaching. Four more cases are being supervised by the CID.

During the investigation, a number of accused/suspects have been arrested and weapons recovered which are suspected to have been used in committing the crimes. A few horns have also been recovered.

Further, a thorough investigation is going on in all the cases under the direct supervision of senior police officers. 

K Anurag in Guwahati