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Breaking news, and bones in the bargain

May 06, 2010 22:15 IST

In their zeal to inform the world at large that special court judge M L Tahaliyani had sentenced Ajmal Kasab to death on five counts, media-persons belonging to television channels almost caused a stampede. Worse, they even got into a scufffle between the Indo-Tibetan Police Force guards stationed inside the high-security Arthur Road jail. Many reporters reportedly suffered minor bruises.

In fact, just two days earlier, on May 4, when both prosecution and defence lawyers put forth their final arguments, the judge had warned the huddled mass of eager reporters: 'Break news, but don't break your heads'. Like a soothsayer, his words came true on Thursday.

The only consolation was that no one broke his/her head, though a few reportedly suffered cuts on their hands and legs.

On Tuesday, too, a similar drama had unfolded despite the judge's advice. The metal detector positioned outside the court-room fell on the head of a reporter. Fortunately, he escaped with a minor bruise.

Thursday, however, saw a minor scuffle break out between the ITBP guards and reporters who wanted to rush outside to break the news.

But the ITBP guards would not let the reporters go out without returning the ID cards issued to them every day while entering the court-room, and in the ensuing melee near the gate a number of reporters suffered cuts and bruises. Some even came out in torn shirts, but faces gleaming with the joy of having informed the world of the goings-on inside -- no doubt one of the most momentous days in their lives.
Breaking news is not just about news, it is also about breaking -- seems to be the motto!

Prasanna D Zore in Mumbai
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