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Rajini Mania in Mumbai and Chennai

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Last updated on: June 07, 2018 17:06 IST
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Here's what a Rajinikanth movie screening looks like!

Rajinikanth's fans got a chance to rejoice again, as the Thalaivar had a new movie release in theatres on June 7.

Kaala has been neck-deep in controversy, but the Superstar's fans couldn't care less, as they danced and rejoiced in theatres screening the film.

Special shows were held at Carnival Cinemas, Wadala, central Mumbai, and Aurora Cinema, Matunga, central Mumbai as early as 6 am.

Before the shows started, elaborate pujas were held at 4 am.

Fans, walking bare-feet, accompanied a devotional rally of 200 women from the Sion temple to the Carnival Cinemas, a distance of almost 4 km.

Heavy rains, followed by thunder and lightning, did not deter the swelling crowds, as they danced on the roads and kept everyone entertained.

A 67-feet Rajinikanth cutout was bathed in holy water at the theatres, and only after that did the screenings start.

Catch all the action here.


Kaala posters dominate the Carnival theatre.


Live music at the venue.


Fans wear Rajinikanth on their back, as they pose for pictures.


A lot of dancing and cheering.


Age no bar at this early morning party.


A group of women perform.


They danced to songs from Kaala.


Fans brave the torrential rain to come out for the Superstar.


The crowd swells outside the theatre.


Fans line up to enter the theatre.


They show off their prized tickets.


It's houseful, of course.


Afsar Dayatar/' catches the frenzy.


One of Mumbai's oldest theatres, ,Aurora has hosted the pujas for every Thalaivar release in recent years.


Celebrations seemed rather toned down this year.


And yet, it looks like a party!


Fans conduct an abhishek of Rajinikanth's giant poster.


A fan dresses up like Rajinikanth.


And, of course, he becomes the star of the moment.


Fans enjoy the movie.


A lot of dancing and singing while the film gets screened.


Does Rajinikanth have a hit under his belt?

Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar


Rajni Mania in Chennai

Fans in Chennai rejoiced just as much.


Video: ANI/Twitter

A giant cake is cut on the first day first show of Kaala in Chennai.


Photographs: ANI/Twitter

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