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It's Big B everywhere!

May 10, 2018 15:41 IST

Rare photographs, paintings, sketches, posters... celebrate the superstar's journey...

Amitabh Bachchan inaugurated the preview of the exhibition, Frames 75 hosted by the well-known photojournalist Pradeep Chandra and film historian S M M Ausaja.

Frames 70 used rare photographs, paintings, sketches, posters, block print art, vinyl LP covers, lobby cards and hand-bills in 75 frames to celebrate the superstar's journey so far.

The Big B took to his blog to tell us more about the event and what he felt:

'It is the factor of documentation that attracts me .. and I reiterate again and again .. there is complete absence of any kind of documentation, existing in the largest Film Industry of the World .. and when effort is made it needs to be encouraged - not because it is conditioned to my visuals, but should be there for the entire Industry, their achievements and contribution to this immense work force; their ideas and thoughts and commendations,' he wrote.

He is hopeful that 'Some day it shall happen'.


'But for the day, when you walk into an enclosure and all that is displayed on the walls of this special evening are portraits of mine, and art work done by several on my face and bearing; most laudable, but embarrassing for me .. always .. have shied away from all this and shall continue to feel that awkwardness , ever .. it is a moment when your entire ego is destroyed, not because it survived, but because when the intensity of praise is thrown upon you, it is a moment of ‘wish the earth would shatter and let me in .. just for that little moment..

'Used .. no .. but humbled by the effort and affection ..

'My gratitude ever and my love to all.'

Amitabh Bachchan waves to the media.
Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani/


Subhash Ghai points something out to Bachchan.


Big B taking a closer look at one of the paintings.


Video: Afsar Dayatar/

"I hope Pradeep Chandra does this kind of exhibition for the entire film industry, where I can be the guest of honour," Amitabh says with a laugh, at the event.

Speaking about the collection, he adds, "I love each and every photograph taken by various artists and want to take all of them home."


Big B takes centre stage.


Javed Akhtar and Pradeep Chandra look at one of Javedsaab's throwback pictures with Bachchan.


Pradeep Chandra and S M M Ausaja felicitate Bachchan.


Big B seems in awe of the painting.


Video: Afsar Dayatar/

"Jinka naaam Amitabh ho, Suraj ho unke barein mein kya kehna, Suraj se Srishti hai, Srishti se vidaan hai insaan hai," says Subhash Ghai at the event.

"Amitabh's journey starts from excellence to excellence and to the infinity of excellence," Ghai adds.


Subhash Ghai.


Meghna Ghai Puri.


Rahul Mahajan.


A look at some of the paintings and pictures.


And some more.


Big B's Coolie cutout stands tall.

Hitesh Harisinghani /