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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Shakti: Wanted to prove to my kids I can stay away from alcohol

Shakti: Wanted to prove to my kids I can stay away from alcohol

Last updated on: October 31, 2011 14:31 IST

Shakti: Wanted to prove to my kids I can stay away from alcohol


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

Shakti Kapoor was the only male contestant to be locked up in the Bigg Boss house with 13 women when the show started this month.

When he was nominated for eviction along with Mahek Chahal, Pooja Bedi and Shraddha Sharma, he lost out, and had to leave the show.

While his reputation of being a ladies' man preceded him, he surprised everyone by emerging as the father-figure of the house! He stayed away from conflicts and fights and chose to remain as neutral as possible. This, he says, was probably what got him evicted since the show thrives on controversy. He tells Rajul Hegde more.

Why do you think you were evicted in spite of being more popular than the other three nominees?

There was something planned about my eviction. I did not live up to their expectation of my onscreen image on the show. Viewers also feel there is something wrong because they thought that I would win. People have a wrong opinion about me. The makers of the show got me on the show with 13 females because they thought I would sneak into girls' room at midnight and do something nasty or have an affair with the girls. But since there was no controversy or fights, I got evicted.

I didn't want to be offensive to any girl in the house. There were lots of people who tried to instigate me, but I am a gentleman and that's why I kept quiet; I could have said a lot of things but that would have been wrong. Some of them tried to link me with Shraddha Sharma but there was nothing of that sort.

 What was your reaction when you came to know that you are the only male in the house?

 I was shocked. They should have got some hunk or bachelor locked up with 13 females instead of me.

Image: Shakti Kapoor


'I believe in respecting women'

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Why did you agree to do the show?


I was not there to win but to prove to my children that I can stay away from alcohol for a month. I am proud that I could prove that. Also, they were happy that there were no fights in the house when I was the captain. Now my daughter Shraddha says that she wants to be born as my daughter even in her next life.


What did your wife say?


My wife is also proud of me and the way I have conducted myself on the show. She said that she loves me more than she ever loved me. So I told her that I will take her for another honeymoon!


What was the experience of being in the Bigg Boss house?


Everyone respected me. They used to treat me like their father and brother and shared all their problems. Over all, I had a good time.


Pooja Bedi accused you of not behaving like a responsible father/husband, and said you were spineless and a flirt.


I believe in respecting women. Why should I have reacted to what she said? There was no truth in her allegation. I was like a father to Vida Samadzai. Whatever they said was to gain more footage. But I didn't let them do what they wanted. That's why the viewers saw me take walks on the lawn or get busy with household chores.

Image: Sanjay Dutt and Shakti Kapoor

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'Half of the people inside the house are fake'

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Which has been your best moment in Bigg Boss?

Sonika (Kalirama) said that she found a father's love in me and cried on my shoulder.

Who do you think is playing the game smartly?

It is too early to say. Half of them inside the house are fakes, and as the days pass, the drama will only increase and will show them in their true colours.

Who would you like to see as the winner?

Siddharth is a talented young boy with lots of dreams. I wish he wins the title. We became good friends and there was no age barrier.

Image: A scene from Bigg Boss 5

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