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This article was first published 12 years ago

Upendra, P Vasu come together for Aarakshaka

Last updated on: September 30, 2011 13:55 IST

Image: Upendra
Shruti Indira Lakshminarayana in Bangalore

Superstar Upendra has a dream... of becoming a cop. Fulfilling that for him is director P Vasu. We are talking about the Kannada film Aarakshaka where Uppi plays a man who wants to become a police officer. The film is about whether or not he achieves his goal. It is for the first time that Uppi is acting in a film directed by P Vasu.

Explaining why he zeroed in on Uppi for the role, Vasu says, "Only an actor who has the sensibilities of a writer and director could have essayed this role. So I approached Upendra. The film comes with a difficult script and challenging screenplay. The main role is performance oriented and Upendra has given his best. In fact, I feel he will be appreciated the way Soundarya's performance was lauded in my film Apthamitra."

The director also reveals how he incorporated certain trademark Uppi styles into the film. "Having met him and watched his films A, Upendra and Rakthakanniru, I realised that he is a dialogue oriented actor. So a lot of stress has been given to dialogues. Also, he is one actor who can feel the pulse of the audience and connect with them. We have tried to do that in this film too. And like in his other films, the actor has penned a song Thu Nan Makkla... for this venture too."

'People will have to watch it more than once to understand it'

Image: Upendra and Ragini

For the benefit of his fans, Uppi will be seen in different get-ups. If his character endears himself to the mass at some points, it will appeal to the classes at other times.

"Aarakshaka is like a buffet," says its director. "There is wide variety in it. Whenever I do a film, I tell myself that my actors should get a lakh more fans after watching their performance in my film. I hope Upendra's fan base also increases."

Uppi is confident about pulling in the crowds with this film. "The film is very screenplay oriented. It is very different and even I get a bit confused -- people will have to watch it more than once to understand it. Having said that, I felt this is one film where the director in me has not been allowed to come out. I have merely imitated Vasu, be it in my walk, look or talk." 

'Upendra reminds me of Vishnuvardhan'

Image: Upendra with P Vasu

Vasu returns the compliment. Not only is he very impressed with Uppi's performance, but also with his humble personality. "He reminds me a lot of Vishnuvardhan, who was part of my films Apthamitra and Aptharaksha. Both actors were even born on the same day and maybe that's why I feel the same connect with Uppi that I did with Vishnu."

Producer Krishna Prajwal also draws a parallel between the two actors and says, "Like the late Vishnuvardhan, Upendra also keeps in mind the welfare of producers."

'After working with Vasu, I have improved five times as an actor'

Image: Upendra in Aarakshaka

Sharan provides the comic touch to the film and actresses Sada and Ragini up the glamour quotient.

Ragini, who plays a doctor in the film, says, "After working with Vasu, I have improved five times as an actor. I wish to work with him again."

The songs still need to be shot and the team will soon be leaving for Indonesia for picturisation. The music is composed by Gurukiran. The film is slated for a November release.