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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Anupam Kher: Pranayam is one of my important films

Anupam Kher: Pranayam is one of my important films

Last updated on: July 5, 2011 11:00 IST

Anupam Kher: Pranayam is one of my important films


Meghna George in Kochi

Anupam Kher, easily one of the finest actors in India, is doing a character named Achutha Menon in writer-director Blessy's Malayalam film Pranayam (Love). Mohanlal and Jayaprada play the other two important roles in the film, the shooting of which is now going on in Kochi.

In this interview, Kher talks to Meghna George about his role in Pranayam and more. Excerpts:

How intense is the pranayam in this film?

It is very intense. The story is about love and love has many facets. We always associate love with the young, but there is the love between father and son, mother and daughter, and so on. Love may not necessarily be between younger people.

The way Blessy weaves this story gives an amazing dimension to love. My character is an integral part of the story that is being narrated here.

What attracted you to the story that you agreed to act in a Malayalam film?

The two-page synopsis, which was a really unusual story. When Blessy came to narrate the story to me, he wanted me to watch some of his earlier films. But I didn't need that to say yes to this one. I am happy to do this film.

Image: Anupam Kher


'I had to work hard on looking like a Malayali'

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How do you feel shooting for the film?

The language is very difficult. But the emotions are something that I can explore and I am familiar with. You know, the emotions are basically the same, whether you are in Russia, France or in Kerala. Human nature is the same.

What I had to work at was looking like a Malayali. For that I have twenty-five people around me telling how to do it. So I am in safe hands. From the spot boy to everyone on the set, they all approve or disapprove my actions as a Malayali! So I am not worried about that.

Blessy wants me to play the character in a certain manner. My character is educated, he is real, he has a past and so on. It is certainly going to be one of my important films of the year.

After all the suggestions from people around, do you feel like a Malayali now?

Quite a bit, 60-70 per cent at least! But the film has a universal theme, and it is not a typical Malayali character either. I really feel that Blessy should make it in Hindi.

Image: A still from Pranayam

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'There is so much to learn from Mohanlal'

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Do you keep track of Malayalam films?

Not really. I have watched a few and that's it.

How is it working with Mohanlal?

He is a great performer and there is so much to learn from him. He is a great co-actor and a very giving, relaxed and large- hearted person.

You are really active on Twitter. How serious are you about it?

I love to connect with people. It is a great platform to learn from people, to let your views known to others and it is a great way to communicate.  

Finally, do you plan to act in more Malayalam films in the future?

I would love to if they match up to Pranayam.

Image: A still from Pranayam

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