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'I always thought actors are useless'

Last updated on: April 24, 2013 19:12 IST

'I always thought actors are useless'


Sonil Dedhia in Mumbai

Parineeti Chopra saw success pretty early in her career after a noteworthy performance in her debut film, Ishaqzaade. She even received a special mention at the 60th National Film Awards for the film.

The actress, who has become the new face of Nivea, had a candid chat with Sonil Dedhia where she spoke about weight issues, her big challenges and how she gets affected when the media writes about her personal life.

You got a special mention at the National Awards for your second film Ishaqzaade. Success has come early. Does that intimidate you?

I don't think success is too early or too late. It feels great to be appreciated and be accepted by the audience.

I am really happy with the way things have shaped up. I never thought I would get a special mention at the National Awards for my first lead role, in Ishaqzaade. I thought it would take me four to five years to establish my career.

At the same time, I am a little scared because now expectations have increased. I am happy that people are recognising me and it just motivates me to do better in every film.

After all this success, what's the one thing you miss about your old life?

I am not used to stardom so there are certain things that I miss. Today, it is very difficult for me to go to a mall or just take a stroll on the road.

I am very lazy, so it is boring to be dressed up all the time. I am the worst dresser. But it is a very small price to pay for being an actor.

Image: Parineeti Chopra
Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani


'I'll prove the people wrong when I lose weight'

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People love to comment on your weight and not all of it is flattering. Do you feel bad about it?

Well, I'll prove them wrong when I lose weight. They are not wrong in saying that now.

Is it true that you are losing weight for your next film Hasee Toh Phasee?

I have been hearing a lot of rumours that I am losing weight for Hasee Toh Phasee, but that's not true. I will just try and lose as much as I can, so that I look as good in my next film.

Do you think a lot about your competition?

There is no competition. I don't think I am competing with Alia Bhatt or Arjun Kapoor or Siddharth Malhotra. We are all friends and we are happy.

Competition comes in once an actor becomes very successful.

Image: Parineeti Chopra in Ishaqzaade

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'It would be wrong to stereotype me in two films'

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What is the biggest struggle for a Bollywood actor?

I think it is constantly making your fans happy. There are very few actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, or Salman Khan who have been able to keep their fans happy over the years. That is why a lot of actors come and go.

The biggest challenge in front of me is to keep my fans happy for the next 10 years. 

You have also been criticised for being rather stereotypical.

It would be wrong to stereotype me in two films. When it comes to advertisements, I think every actor does the same thing. It is just the brand that differs.

I don't act in advertisements. I am the same person in all the advertisements irrespective of the brand that I have endorsed.

Image: Parineeti Chopra on the cover of Grazia

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'I really get affected when someone writes about my personal life'

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What about the comparisons with your cousin Priyanka Chopra?

I hope those comparisons never go. As an actor, I think I have made a mark and proved myself and I have been individually spoken about. 

Sometimes in your profession you have to take shortcuts to fitness like going on crash diets. Doesn't that take a toll on your health?

As you can see, I never go on crash diets (winks). A lot of make-up can spoil your skin. I think you don't need to do anything else if you drink enough water during the day. It is the best remedy.

How do you deal with nasty gossip or a bad fashion story?

I am not a fashion-conscious person. A lot of times I have got flak for the way I dress. I am making a conscious effort to improve my styling.

I have been appreciated for my acting and I would want the same compliments for my dressing too. 

I really get affected when someone writes about my personal life. I wish people were a little responsible when they write about my personal life.

How do you react to your personal life being written about?

I am too lazy to react to rumours. When I know what is written about me is false, I don't really make an effort to clarify things.

Image: Parineeti Chopra

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'I'll wear bikini when I have the body for it'

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Why did you decide on endorsing Nivea?

Every product that I endorse is somehow related to me. Nivea Total Face Clean Up is a very continent product and I use it in my day-to-day life. When it says that ensures a good facial after five minutes it actually does that.

Okay. Let's do a rapid-fire round of five question:

Would you ever think of going in for botox?

No, not at all. I am very scared to do it. I would have done a lot of things by now if I was not scared.

Would you wear a bikini on screen?

Yes, I would when I have the body for it. 

If not an actress what would you have been?

I never wanted to be an actress. I always thought actors are useless (laughs). But now my perception has changed. 

Two hottest actors in Bollywood according to you?

Arjun Kapoor and Sushant Singh Rajput.

One recent film that you would have loved to be part of?

Barfi! Every actress in the world would be shocked after watching such a beautiful performance given by Priyanka Chopra.

I always knew that she was an amazing actress but with Barfi! she just blew my mind away.

Image: Parineeti Chopra
Photographs: Uday Kuckian

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