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'I don't have a typical item number in Agent Vinod'

Last updated on: February 28, 2012 17:37 IST

Image: Mallika Haydon
Sonil Dedhia in Mumbai

She is the latest hottie to join Bollywood's club of item girls.

Model-turned-actor Mallika Haydon is making her movie debut next month with Agent Vinod and will be seen in not one but two item numbers in it.

Haydon, who left her studies halfway in Australia and came to Mumbai to pursue music, talks to Sonil Dedhia about her item number, her passion for music and her Bollywood aspirations.

You are making your debut in Bollywood. What kind of reactions have you been getting for your item number?

(Smiles) I am getting a very positive response. Everyone likes the song and some people have even said that I am looking very hot! I am really glad that my friends and family love it.

What compliments are you getting from your sister Lisa Haydon?

She loves the song and told me that I have done a good job. 

It's said that the tremendous response to the first song has got you another song in the film... 

Yes, the producers of the film were very happy with the first song and offered me another one in the same film.

My second song, Pyaar Ki Pungi, is with Saif Ali Khan again. However, I don't have too many dance moves with Saif as this song is not an out and out dance number. It is more of narration of the story.

'My item song is different from Sheila Ki Jawaani or Munni or Chikni Chameli'

Image: Mallika Haydon in Agent Vinod

Do you remember the first day of your shoot?

I was really nervous. It was something very new to me and I was thinking about a lot of things at the same time.

I learnt the dance steps in just two-and-a-half days. I was stressed out because I realised that I had to shoot for the song in one day.

Was it difficult for you to pick up the dance steps?

I love the song and it wasn't difficult for me to pick up the choreography. I love dancing; it is something that I have always been interested in since my childhood days.

The song has an electronic music feel to it and it's not a typical item number. It's very different from the usual item numbers like Sheila Ki Jawaani or Munni or Chikni Chameli.

'Saif and Kareena make a nice couple'

Image: Mallika Haydon

How was the experience of working with Saif Ali Khan?

At first, I was nervous since it was my first film and I was very overwhelmed by the whole situation. At the same time, I was not intimidated when I was working with Saif. He's very professional yet friendly and easygoing and very jovial. 

He has a great sense of humour. Despite being a newcomer I was not treated less than a star. He makes people very comfortable.

And Kareena Kapoor?

I haven't worked with her but I was introduced to her once and she came across as a very sweet person.

'I don't think Kareena's song will overshadow mine'

Image: Mallika Haydon

What do you think of Saif and Kareena as a couple?

I think they look good together. They make a nice couple.

Kareena Kapoor has performed a mujra in the film. Do you think your songs will be overshadowed by her performance?

I don't think Kareena Kapoor's song will overshadow my song. The two songs are in different styles, they bring something different to the table. 

'I am very proud of the fact that I am Lisa Haydon's sister'

Image: Mallika Haydon

A lot of people still know you as Lisa Haydon's sister. Does that bother you?

No. She is my sister and I was aware there would be comparisons between us. 

She has already done two films (Aisha and Rascals) and I do not feel degraded by the recognition I get through her name. In fact, I am very proud of the fact that I am her sister.

Did she help you to get into films?

Though she is very supportive and encouraging, she wasn't involved in getting me any work. I recently signed up with a new agency and they came up with the offer to audition for Agent Vinod. I consulted my sister and my mother and they told me to go ahead with it.

You recently shot for the Kingfisher calendar. How was that experience?

The new agency I signed up with got me the Kingfisher calendar and it was a great experience.

We went to Sri Lanka which is one of the best locations. It was more like a holiday where we enjoyed working too.

'I was not very good at modelling'

Image: Mallika Haydon

When did you think you wanted to be a model?

I never had big aspirations to get into Bollywood or modelling. I was just 18 when I did my first commercial. I featured in it alongside Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne. It just happened by coincidence.

I was not very good at modelling at that time and had accompanied a friend for an audition and was asked to also give an audition and things just fell into place.

I never really dreamt of being in Bollywood.

You went to Australia for further studies.

Yes, but it didn't even last for a year. I was interested in music so I left my studies and came back to India. I even worked there for six months as an accounts manager but was missing India and so I decided to come back.