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It will take time, but I am not giving up: Nikitha

Last updated on: September 26, 2011 15:14 IST

Image: Nikitha
Patcy N in Mumbai

Nikitha was recently banned from the Kannada film industry for three years by the Kannada Film Producers' Association (KFPA) for her alleged relationship with actor Darshan.

Darshan's wife complained that he had assaulted her and she blamed Nikitha for causing marital discord. After five days and much criticism of its action, the KPFA withdrew the ban. Nikitha and Darshan are shooting for Kranthiveera Sangolli Rayanna.

Nikitha talks to Patcy N about the controversy and her career.
When did you first meet Darshan?
It was three years ago, on the sets of Yodha, but we did not have many scenes together in that film. After that, I have done another film with him now.
When did this link-up thing start?
It started with my marriage sequence in Prince, when someone wrote about us. We took it very lightly, but then it just erupted from nowhere when somebody said that Darshan and Nikitha are seeing each other. It hurt me but then everybody said that it may be a publicity stunt for the movie.
Last November, it started again. I had called a press conference for my movie Gun and somebody asked me about all this and I said no to the rumours. After that my dad passed away. Now I think I should not have taken it so lightly.

'My father passed away six months back, I did not get any condolence from Darshan'

Image: Nikitha
When your father passed away, did Darshan call you?
No, he didn't. In fact I was shooting for Sangoli Rayanna, but as soon as I came to know my dad was not well, I came to Mumbai. They were still shooting in Jaipur. I did not get any call from Darshanji.
You were shooting and you left because your father was ill and still he did not call you after your father's death?
I got a condolence from all of them, but I did not get any condolence from Darshan.
So, after that, how did this controversy happen?
I don't know. My father passed away and I did not work for six months; I just shot for two days in between in Mysore after my dad's ceremony but those scenes were not even with Darshan. He was just there for one scene, I did not interact with him, and I did one day of publicity for my film Gun because it was a small production and I had to do the promotion. Then I came back. Nothing was going on. I was in Mumbai and then all of a sudden all this shot up. Any way, in others' domestic problem who are we to interfere.

'Darshan only spoke to me about his family, his son, or his horses'

Image: Nikitha
How did Darshan and his family react?
We laughed and we took it very lightly. In fact, his wife also laughed about the whole matter. I can't say that his wife was my best friend, but she is my hero's wife, so I gave her respect. I said hello to her whenever she came on the sets. I met her two or three times and she was very nice.
How was your relationship with Darshan on the sets?
I did not have a good friendship with Darshanji because he is a reserved person. You can ask any co-artist, he doesn't mingle very much. This was our second film together and Sangoli Rayanna is a difficult film, the language is difficult as we are using old Kannada. So when I said my dialogues, he would laugh at me. 

Whenever I interacted with him during the shooting breaks he would only speak about his family, his son, or how much he loves his horses. That is the only interaction I had.

 He is a very good actor. I love his work. He is one of the good actors in Kannada industry, and I have worked with all the big stars -- Suddeep, Appu (Puneet Raj Kumar), Uppi (Upendra) and Darshanji.

'Time will heal all things, but I'll be left with a very bad scar'

Image: Nikitha
Did he ever meet him outside, off the sets?
No, never. I have never gone to his house. My shoots were mostly in Mysore and Bangalore, and after the schedule was over, I would pack up and come to my home in Mumbai. My mother always accompanied me for my shoots. So I never met anyone alone anywhere.

After the shoot I would go back to the hotel, go to the gym, and then chill, and sometime go shopping and sometimes I would just go to a mall and sit with my girlfriends who are also actresses.
Did Darshan gift you a house?
My father's house in Mumbai is my only house. I don't have a house in any other place. I have not brought a house in my name till now. My father was in the cloth business and we have a take-away restaurant. My mom is a house wife. It is a ridiculous thing to say that Darshan gifted me a house or plot.

I have two sisters and one brother, my sisters are married and my brother is studying law.
How has life changed after the controversy?
It has been a very tough phase, a lot of family people ask me lots of questions like 'what were you doing down South?' There have been a lot of accusations, but I really like the support I got from the people, media, from the industry, and everyone stood up for me. I thank Parvathy Amma to stand up and vouch for me.

Time will heal all things, but I'll be left with a very bad scar in my life, that is for sure. 

'I am getting three film offers a day in Kannada'

Image: Nikitha
Do you think this controversy will help your career and your films that are going to release?
My next film is in Tamil and will release next week. I think people there are least bothered about this controversy because they were against the ban. I have three Kannada films which are in the pipeline, Sangoli Rayana, which I don't see happening soon as Darshanji is in jail, and Cottonpet, whose producers are looking forward to the release.

I am getting three film offers a day in Kannada, but I haven't signed any. None from Bollywood, though, and I get a thousand friend requests a day on Facebook. People are supporting me and asking me to carry on with my work and not to give up on the industry.

I think it will take time, but I am not giving up. I have got lots of love from Sandalwood. They have shown a lot of love but I think everything will take time.
Were you linked with any other actor or director before Darshan?
No, never. I have never been linked with any single actor or co-star, and being linked with a family man, I don't feel right about it.
What is your opinion about extra-marital affairs?
I am definitely against infidelity; it is wrong.

'I want to get married next year'

Image: Nikitha
What do you think about Darshan as an actor and a human being?
He is a very nice human being, a very reserved guy but very professional on the sets. I call him Darshanji and he calls me Nikithaji Amma. He is a very humble man who loves animals. When we were shooting for Prince, a stray dog came in limping. He took him to hospital and stopped the shooting for some time. He has humanity, god bless on his domestic problem.
If Darshan was single and people had linked him up with you, would you have fallen in love with him?
I am sure all the other women would have been in line besides me. I wouldn't, that's for sure.
Do you think Darshan threatened his wife at gunpoint?
I absolutely don't believe that, but I don't know what happened between them. I don't want to comment on them.
If Darshan gets divorced, will you marry him?
I have not thought about that. But I won't marry him. My parents will never let me do anything like this.  
When will you marry? Have you seen any boy? What is your idea of marriage?
My man should be spiritual and god fearing. He should be less talkative as I am very talkative; he should be a good listener. I am a shopaholic so he should enjoy taking me shopping on Sundays, and he should be a workaholic.

I want to get married next year. I am sure about that, but I don't have a guy in my life, but I have targeted for next year.

'I didn't even know there was a South language as I was born and brought up in Mumbai'

Image: Nikitha
You are a big actress down south but not many people know you in Bollywood.
I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I started my career when I was 17 with the Breeze advertisement. I did television serials Kumkum and Aati Rahegi Bharein. Then I got an offer to star in a south Indian film. I was sitting at the Sun 'n Sand hotel when Rama Naidu saw me and offered me a film, in 2002. I really enjoyed doing South Indian movies, then I took a break and finished graduation and after doing first year in MA in Economics I again joined movies.

When you were offered a South Indian film weren't you worried about the language?
When I got my first movie, I didn't even know there was a South language as I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I just had one Tulu friend and that was the only southern language that I knew. The first time I had to say my dialogues, the director was so upset that in the end he told me to say the dialogue in Hindi!
Did you enjoy doing South Indian films?
My progress was good and I was vey happy there. I always enjoyed that place, I was pampered with lots of love and I learnt to eat rice! I enjoy rasam chawal.
I always worked with good banners and success came with time. My first movie was Kalayanraman and it did quite well.