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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Hrithik Roshan: Sussanne is my biggest critic

Hrithik Roshan: Sussanne is my biggest critic

Last updated on: October 29, 2013 19:40 IST

Hrithik Roshan: Sussanne is my biggest critic


Sonil Dedhia in Mumbai

Hrithik Roshan seems to take inspiration from the superhero character he plays in Krrish 3.

The actor, who has been plagued of various health problems like a double slip disc and brain surgery, claims, "Every single time I wore the jacket, I felt like I was unstoppable, unbreakable."

He speaks to Sonil Dedhia about Krrish 3 and comparisons with X Men series. He also speaks about his director father Rakesh Roshan and wife Sussanne.

Krrish 3 was in the making for three years. Were there any moments of insecurity while making the film?

Every film has its ups and downs. With Krrish 3, the expectations are huge. It was a challenge for every person associated with the film.

While conceptualising the film and finalising certain things like the budget and the way we wanted to shoot the film, it did seem impossible to make it.

Krrish is an Indian superhero. It was difficult to think how we can make him save India, as we cannot shoot so many high-octane action sequences in outdoor locations in India.

I had double slip disc in my back and doctors told me I shouldn’t do an action film for the rest of my life.

But every struggle leads to courage. It leads you to find that power inside you which makes you go for it.

When I look back, it looks very rewarding that we had the opportunity, which made us better, powerful, and courageous.

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Image: Hrithik Roshan in Krrish 3


'I felt like Humpty Dumpty, who could have a great fall any time'

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Given the double slip disc, how tough was it to do the action part?

Every single time I wore the jacket I felt like I was unstoppable, unbreakable.

We went through 85 days of action. I did a lot of research to solve my problem because my knees, my back, were bad and my shoulders were broken.

I felt like Humpty Dumpty, who could have a great fall any time.

Science told me (referring to doctors) it is impossible. But I did something and it made me realise that anything in life is possible.

During the trailer launch of Krrish 3 you said you were scared because a lot of Hollywood superhero films were releasing in India….

(Interrupts) Did I say that?


I don’t remember it (Smiles)

My question is: there have been a lot of comparisons with the X Men series. How do you react to that?

Comparisons are good. At least we have a film of a genre that can be compared to a Hollywood film in terms of special effects and a superhero.

It’s good that Krrish 3 is being compared to films like X Men and others.

Krrish is the first homegrown superhero of India and I am very proud of it. I am happy that my father took this decision to make this film in India by having Indian technicians. The entire VFX is done in India.

Nobody had enough faith in them but my father gave them an opportunity and after this the world will open up for them.

Image: Hrithik Roshan and Kangna Ranaut in Krrish 3

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'I feel like a child who is very excited to watch this film'

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Are you saying Krrish 3 is the answer to Hollywood superhero films?

We are making a film that we are excited and enthusiastic about. It happens to be a superhero film, never been done before in our country.

The earlier film Krrish was not a superhero film. It just saw the birth of a superhero. This is the first superhero film with a superhero a super villain who has a team of manvaars (a term to explain mutants).

There are different mutants like frog man, a cheetah girl who is so fast that Krrish can’t catch her. There is a rhino man, a scorpion girl, chameleon girl etc. 

We have created something we felt and believed in. I feel like a child who is very excited to watch this film. 

Image: Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra in Krrish 3

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'Vivek is one of the best actors that I have worked with'

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Was there consensus about having song and dance sequences in a superhero film?

There are lots of ways to incorporate songs. Music is very important for my father. It was difficult to incorporate songs in this film because of the kind of screenplay it had.

You can’t have Kaal (the super villain), and superhero mutants dancing. You could have songs in Krrish as he was a boy from the mountains. He was carefree, falling in love…But that is not the case with Krrish 3.

All said and done, the songs have been integrated beautifully. I don’t think it will ever happen that we won’t have songs in films. We are a musical people. Music is in our blood.

How was it to battle Vivek Oberoi who is playing a super villain in the film?

Vivek is one of the best actors that I have worked with. He is a complete team player. He was the first choice for this role.

I had only two names in mind for the role of super villain -- Vivek or me. I would have loved to play his part but they did not allow me.

Nobody else could have played it better. He has done a brilliant job in the film.


Image: Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan in Krrish 3

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'Earlier, when I used to suggest something, my father would ignore it'

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This is the fourth time your father has directed you. Did you presume on the relationship and ask for a break?

With my father? Are you crazy? For the first schedule I had a slip disc but I was doing anything and everything possible on the sets.

Right from assisting Vivek to wear his costume to cleaning the floors or enacting a scene for others. I was like an assistant director for two months.

My equation with my father has not changed at all. It has evolved into something nicer. There is more mutual respect.

Earlier, when I used to suggest something he would ignore it, but would later do exactly what I said.

But now when I suggest something, he listens first, then walks around and says this is not a good idea (Laughs).

When you were young you had a stammering problem, then a back problem and recently you underwent brain surgery. How do you manage to stand strong and be positive?

Just like everyone else. Life is not about holding the best cards; it’s about how well you play the cards that you have been dealt.

I did not have the best cards but I had some good cards and I played them well.

My weakest moments have been my biggest strengths. When I am approached with something that is making me weak or making me feel I can’t do it, I just look back in my life and take them as my reference files.

I have evidence that I can overcome everything in life. All I do is keep my attitude and perspective right.

Image: Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik Roshan on the sets of Krrish 3

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'You have to take responsibility for whatever is happening in your life'

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Did you feel ‘why always me’?

That is a very dangerous question.

Asking ‘why’ is very disempowering because you will not get any answers. Even if you do, the kind of answers you will get will blame others or your environment.

You have to take responsibility for whatever is happening in your life. Once the steering wheel is in your hands, you can steer it wherever you want to.

We all wish for super powers like flying or making ourselves invisible. But the best super power we have is the ability and choice to control our attitude.

Once that is done you can go through anything and be victorious.

Image: Hrithik Roshan in Krrish 3

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'I thought I had achieved something great in life when Sussanne became my girlfriend'

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How has your wife Sussanne helped you during the low phases of your life?

I don’t think if Sussanne were not there I would have been an actor.

Growing up I was a very shy kid. When she became my girlfriend, I thought I had achieved something great in life. It was like a wow moment (laughs). She has always empowered me and supported me in all my decisions.

What is her reaction to Krrish 3?

I have got the best reaction from her for Krrish 3. She feels this is the best film I have ever done.

That, for me, is a big thing. I don’t know if I can go by that, but it is a great reaction. She is my biggest critic.


Image: Hrithik Roshan in Krrish 3

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