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Yamagola Malli Modalindi is a laugh riot

August 24, 2007 15:00 IST

Yamagola Malli Modalindi is a socio-fantasy with Yamalokam as the backdrop. Several films on these lines have come earlier and the late NTR's Yamagola is one that is still talked about.

But to make such a film today is a tough job as the target audience is totally different. To make the audience sit through such a movie needs lot of innovation, technical finesse and most important guts, as the story has to blend well with the current scenario.

You also need and an actor who can fit into the role of Yama with ease. Director Srinivas Reddy appears to be quite fortunate as the producers own a good animation studio, and he has Srikanth in the role of Yama.

Srikanth had the tough job of matching the performance of veteran Satyanarayana, who did similar roles in the past and also compete with Mohanbabu, who excelled as Yama in Junior NTR's latest film Yamadonga.

Here Srikanth is Yama's grandson. This young Yama is waiting to take over the throne of Yamalokam as the senior Yama (Satyanarayana) is ailing. He is supported by Vichitragupta, brother of Chitragupta (late Allu Ramalingaiah) who has already left Yamalokam. He is available via a box, which looks more like a laptop to give his valuable suggestions.

Even Vichitragupta wishes to retire and wants Chitragupta's grandson (Venu) to take over. Both the grandsons are buddies and unlike their elders, these two enjoy life to the hilt and wish to shake a leg with the grand daughters of Ramba, Urvasi and Menaka!

When time comes for the young duo to take over, they are sent to earth to end the life of 22-year-old Aiswarya (Meera Jasmine). That is because she is a good-hearted and socially committed lady and it would be right for the young Yama himself to get her instead of some Yamadootha. So the duo's sojourn to earth begins.

Srinivas Reddy who directed comedies like Adirindayya Chandram and Tata, Birla Madhyalo Laila, handles the film well. He blends cricket matches and modern Vastrapaharan to entertain today's audience.

There's a song sequence in which Raima Sen, Srikanth and Venu dance to late NTR's hit numbers. Here both Srikanth and Venu dress up like NTR!

Then there is Himesh Reshammiya's Jalak Diklaja song, praising Yama.

Graphics play an important role in the film. The Indrasabha and Yamalokam are well created with the help of graphics. Both NTR and Ghantasala (singer) who are no more, are shown performing at the Indrasabha

Srikanth excels as Yama and is able supported by Venu. Meera Jasmine is her usual self and Raima Sen as a police officer is fine. She looks quite glamorous in the song sequences. Krishna Bhagwan as Narada tickles you with his one-liners.

On the whole, the film is a good entertainer. Don't look for logic in the film, just sit back and enjoy!

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G P Aditya Vardhan