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Veerappu: Give it a miss

July 30, 2007 11:35 IST

The filmmaker has aptly titled the movie Veerappu (obduracy). 

Consider the following aspects of the movie: [a] it is directed by Badri for whom it is a launch vehicle; [b] its lead is played by his former boss (Sundar C in the hero's role), who is obviously expected to know more than a thing or two about selecting tales of screen capers; [c] it is the remake of a hit (Mohanlal's Sphadikam); [d] contains enough sentimental mushiness to trigger tides of tears; [e] has been given a decent budgetary backing in the departments of stunts by laying waste to junk jalopies by the dozens; [f] has no real competition from similar comparable efforts when hitting the screen and [g] the crescendo towards the release has enough hype to give it a good opening.

Any box office pundit would have predicted a decent fare.

That is precisely why screen soothsayers need to consult a 'crystal ball' (the English translation of the original movie's name, Sphadikam) to fathom the established Sundar C's obstinacy (another possible apposition to the title) to come up with a three-rupee-note in his second essay as a hero.

 A mathematics teacher (Prakash Raj) hates his mechanically inclined offspring (Sundar) simply because the latter can't solve algebraic puzzles in class. The boy morphs into a rowdy, drunken trucker, only to be harassed by a cop, a dull, cheapskate contractor, hired assassin et al. But the boy wonder has enough wits about him to plot a scheme that helps him get his girl, (Gopika) marry off his sister honourably, trigger the cancelling off of the baddies by their own hands and then it is time for the credits to take a bow.

The yarn has been 'commercially treated' to suit Tamil sensibilities one would be led to believe. Save for the fast paced moments towards the climax and the punctuations of stunt scenes, the result is slow and too pat.

Though the audience treats the songs as mini-intervals, two of Imman's efforts are worth mumbling under the breath.

Veerappu can also mean bravado. Since the whole thing is based on the chassis of an old tipper and the unpredictable nature of the tippler lead, it can only be termed false.

Sundar C and Prakash Raj attempt to accord some semblance of order to the proceedings, but it is too 'weighty' for their shoulders. Gopika ought to have been billed as a guest star, for she has so little to do. Vivek's comic interludes are insipid while the others are merely props.

Probably Badri did not seek Sundar C's help on the sets, one can safely presume.

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T S V Hari