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An insipid Pazhani

By T S V Hari
January 15, 2008 17:24 IST
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Pazhani, the place is famous for its Murugan temple and a mishmash of sweet ingredients.

But for a few references to both, Pazhani, the Tamil movie directed by Perarasu, who is known for his penchant for titling his films on the names of places and mushy stuff dished out with a dash of violence, is anything but sweet.

Starring Khushboo, Bharath, Kajal Aggarwal, Aishwarya and a motley crowd of villains and cops, Pazhani is a combination of filial love (read as sister sentiments in the new filmi language) reinforced by fisticuffs.

 With more holes in the story and logic than Swiss cheese, this one is all about an ex-convict who has such a pathological hatred for women (mistresses) and their machinations -- especially when they harm the future of his mom and sis.

 Bharath, who dances, fights and cavorts with Kajal, looks like a lost vamp from a fashion ramp. He also wisecracks with cops, villains and his brother-in-law (in that order) and finally ends up behind bars.

It is all about how a kid (Bharath) who killed his father's paramour (simply because he wanted to save the honour of the family and jewels) ends up saving his sister (Khushboo, the saving grace of the film) from another evil woman (Aishwarya, wasted) who changes lovers. 

In between there are apologies for comedy (Chittibabu looks jaded), several song and dance sequences with loud music (Srikanth Deva's efforts are eminently forgettable), an immolation and a shot between the eyes with a single bullet.

 If this is a piece of evolution on the part of Perarasu after a series of hits and a miss, it is sad.

 Ages ago, a book called A Thousand And One Insults was a rage with college-kids. Without actually borrowing anything from it, Perarasu has arrayed a litany of abuses and gifted them like confetti to his stars as lines to trigger catcalls.

 In the end, one emerges from the movie-hall wondering whether the rude words are aimed at the audience for having agreed to watch the film by paying for it.

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T S V Hari