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Indiralogathil's music is a letdown

Last updated on: January 07, 2008 11:55 IST

Tamil film Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi, a spoof on Alexander Dumas' literary classic, The Man In The Iron Mask, stars comedian Vadivelu. The film was received well at the box office. Now, Vadivelu dons the hero's mantle once again in the Tamil film, Indiralogathil naa. Allagappan. Suja costars with him and Shriya does an item number.

Sabesh-Murali's musical score is a total letdown and unimpressive. So are director J Thambiramayya, as well as Kabilan and Pulamaipithan's lyrics. The singers have given a lack-lustre performance too.

The opening number Poikal kuthirayil by Tippu introduces the hero, 'Allagappan'. The lyrics, which describe the hero as 'Maduraiveeran' and 'Ayyanaar' and one who takes bath only once in a month, and washes his mother-in-law's clothes, are ludicrous. The track begins with sounds of an army march past. The giggling female voices make the number comical.

The duet Naanoru devathai by Sadhana Sargam and Madhu Balakrishnan with loud chorus is an old-fashioned tune. The composer has embellished the track with trumpet and guitar interludes. Pulamaipithan's lyrics border on erotic. Sadhana's faultless Tamil diction is to be appreciated. Both Sadhana and Madhu struggle to save this track from mediocrity.

Nee Konru kuvithum sounds more like a marching song. Manickavinayagam's full-blooded but coarse rendition, senseless lyrics with alliterations like vaada, poda etc and lop-sided rhythmic patterns all make this a painful track.

The three gifted singers, Anuradha Sriram , Suchithra and Jassie Gift are wasted in Malliga sherawatha Marylyn monrova, a track obviously meant to titillate the masses. Suchithra somewhat redeems herself with her distinctive rendition but Jassie's voice disappears in the cacophonic orchestra.

It has become a fetish with Tamil music composers to prefix the songs with Hindi words and couplets. Mae hum apsara nachmae is one such number and is the only pleasing track in the album, credit for which should go mainly to Chitra's sweet voice. The crashing orchestra and the pause in between add to its poignancy.

You cannot be sure how to categorise the brief concluding piece Namo namo Narayana which starts like a devotional song. Next, you hear a couplet with modern imagery like computer and mouse which make you wonder whether Indiralogathil... is a spoof with mythological connotations.

It is saddening to watch composers Sabesh-Murali going downhill after their impressive output in Ammuvagiya Naan. There is nothing to write home about their compositions for Indiralogathil.

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Saraswathy Srinivas