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Not great

By Pavithra Srinivasan
August 27, 2008 16:01 IST
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Music director Vidyasagar tunes songs for Talking Movies Pvt Ltd's Tamil film, Alibaba starring director Vishnu Vardhan's brother Krishna and Prakashraj. Here's a sample of what's in store:

Kicking off the album is Krishna Krishna, a synthesised number featuring Sve's high-pitched humming that reminds you of 80s disco. Pa Vijay's lyrics are a riot of praise of Krishna (deity or the movie's hero?) but the words seem to fit the legendary god like a glove; alluring and feisty. And then there's a fast-paced violin interlude that's pleasantly different from what we've been hearing lately. Ranjith's voice is typically breathy like a wisp of wind, fitting the rhythm. The melody isn't exactly new -- but the lyrics add some colour to the piece.

Starting off with more snazzy beats and synthesised music, Puthiya Paravai Onru, sung by Sujatha and Ranjith reminds you of romantic tunes that were the norm in the early 90s. Staccato bursts of the flute intersperse the singer's voice. Sujatha's voice revels in this number, which gives her some room to display its flexibility, despite the beats that pervade the song. Shifting between outright romance and a dark emotion, you can't put your finger on, this one, penned by Jeyantha, is interesting.

Jassi Gift's catchy, if nasal voice begins Are Are Sambo with a high intensity trilling. Yes, Pa Vijay's lyrics seem to have been written with a dappankuththu jig in mind -- but the tune, even if it's an oft-heard one, makes you want to jive in response. It might not be scintillating fare -- but the simplicity of beats keep it rocking.

Nenjil Athadi begins with Sve's sexy hiccups and melts into the curiously Arabic music.Sve seems a master of the slinky, sensuous singing and Jeyantha's lyrics help you picture an item song to perfection, even as Vidyasagar pitches in the chorus. This one stands the best chance in clubs. It's a familiar melody but still worth a listen.

Yugabharathy's Neenda Mounam has Rajeswari singing a melodious, outright romantic number, with Karthik chiming in. The song reminds you of Kamal's Enthan Nenjil Neengatha, with it's heavy classical base. No surprises here -- it's full of rose petals and soft sunrises throughout. Sweet but standard fare.

Vidyasagar has made a name for himself as someone who understands the entertainment-percentage in movies, and delivers accordingly. He has done the same here as well, trying to provide a little bit for everyone. It's not terrible, but then it's not great either.

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Pavithra Srinivasan