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Upendra's top class in News

By B Anuradha
August 09, 2005 19:39 IST
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Dreams have always been an important element in human existence. Much research has been conducted on them. Quite a few filmmakers have also tried making films revolving around them. Take Upendra's new release News, which weaves interesting events and follows a young girl's dream.

Directed by story writer-turned-director Maheshwar, News has an interesting plot. The film's narration in the opening sequences is tight and helps build curiosity. Somewhere down the line, however, the director loses track. He starts concentrating on below-the-belt comic dialogue, leading to some avoidable sequences. Even though it has all the requirements for a good product, Maheshwar presents a film that can only be described as above average.

Still, News cannot be dismissed as yet another masala movie. It has first-rate music, beautifully choreographed dance sequences and, above all, a very good performance by Upendra. It is the comedy that is in bad taste, not conforming to the standards set by a film like Gowramma, Upendra's previous effort.

It's difficult to fathom, for instance, why two investigative journalists -- Upendra and Reema Sen -- spend more time in bed than at work. Maheshwar has lost an opportunity to make a good thriller because of his obsession with such sequences. Though the hero plays a journalist, there is not a single scene where he actually works like one. All he does, when not in bed with Sen, is beat up villains. 

The plot goes like this: Guru (Upendra) works for a leading newspaper with Pooja. But he has another agenda. The fact is he has been handpicked by another newspaper baron, who wants him to work at a leading newspaper for a cause. Guru is actually assigned to find out how certain sensational scoops appear in the said newspaper. The investigation takes him to Divya, who dreams unusual dreams that become real. Divya narrates her dreams to the leading newspaper, which prints them without verification.

Guru tries to convince Divya that the incidents in her dreams are coincidental. But he soon realises that her dreams are a reality. What happens next? Watch to find out.

News is influenced by hit films like Mammooty's Iyer The Great and New Delhi, the latter simultaneously produced in Kannada with Amberish in the lead. What News lacks is the finesse and sensitivity of the Malayalam films.

Upendra dominates with his fights, dances and trademark dialogue delivery. He is at the top of his game. Reema Sen just adds glamour. Renuka Menon, as Divya, looks good and acts well, but is handicapped by a poor script. Character artistes like Nasser, Ashok and Sanketh Kashi fit the bill. It is the comedy scenes featuring Tennis Krishna and Bank Janardhan that are, as mentioned, in poor taste.

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B Anuradha