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Marigold has enjoyable music

July 24, 2007 15:06 IST

After playing a love guru in Partner, Salman Khan is all set to make Hollywood dance to his tunes in Willard Carroll's Marigold.

Actually, he plays a choreographer in the film, starring model turned actress Ali Larter (Varsity Blues, Heroes) in the titular role.

For this East meets West adventure, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy dish quite a few honeyed tunes against the penmanship of Javed Akhtar and Truth Hurts.

The final product is something like this:
With its syrupy hues and tender cadence, Yeh pyaar kya hai/Seven stages of love performed both in Hindi and English by Shaan and Truth Hurts is a winner all the way. Enjoyed the lilting romance duets of Disney flicks like Aladdin (A whole new world) and Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the beast)? This one falls in the same mushy category.

Now, time for some vintage Shankar Ehsaan Loy, folks! Javed Akhtar, aided by Carroll, delivers a lyrical theory on the question and answers of love in the rhythmic and chipper melody, Yeh pyaar hai/That's love. Shaan's silvery rendition gets across the spirit of the song just as well.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy return to their Bunty Aur Babli roots with the clattery and chorus-friendly, Paagal si saari leheren/Beach Blanket Bollywood. A fairy humdrum ditty-featuring actor turned singer Vikas Bhalla flexing his vocal skills in Alka Yagnik's harmonious company.

Dejected and dim, the stark notes of Sachha pyaar/The meaning of love are suitably conveyed in the bleak whispers of Sonu Nigam's sister, Nikita. Shari Watson of Truth Hurts delivers a knock out version of the same. The dramatic drawl in the R&B singer's cry blends quite effectively with desi beats.

Tan man/Marigold erupts starts off like Michael Jackson's They don't really care about us. The sensuality in Tan man's mood barely comes out during the fidgety momentum of the composition.

Shaan chills out limberly to the semi-rhythm and blues track, Listen to the music. Truth Hurts pitches in for the words and voice. There's more, what with leading lady Ali Larter joining in to contribute her two cents. Sweet!

Marigold's soundtrack with its dulcet creations and relaxed beats is easy on the ears. It might not create history, but it's still enjoyable music.

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Sukanya Verma