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Khatarnak: Watch at own risk!

December 15, 2006 20:34 IST

Choreographer-turned-film director Amma Rajasekhar came into prominence after his first film Ranam -- with Gopichand in the lead -- did good business. 

Rajashekhar is the third Telugu dance master to wield the megaphone. Incidentally all three -- Prabhudeva and Lawrence Raghavendra are the other two -- managed hits with their maiden attempts.

For his second film, Rajasekhar roped in Ravi Teja, who is on a roll with most of his films doing well, and the current favourite Ileana. 

Since his first film had all the ingredients of a mass entertainer, one expects the same from Khatarnak. But as you watch the drama unfold on the screen, there is this feeling of deja vu. Yes, you have come across similar scenes -- frame to frame -- somewhere. You think hard and -- whoa -- Main Hoon Naa

But wait a minute, it is not a frame to frame copy. The plot is different. It just takes the help of Main Hoon Naa to ensure the flow of narration.

The film opens with a don. He is sore as one of his trusted lieutenants has turned out to be a police informer. Now, the don wants a guy who can walk into the inner circle of the police's crime branch, and spy on the police for him.

They find Das (Teja), a school dropout with his father in jail. He lost his mother when he was just a kid (thankfully, the audience is spared of the 'mother sentiment'). 

Das is put in a school to pass the 10th class examination, which is necessary for him to get into the police. Surprisingly this don who makes the police circles tremble is unable to produce a fake certificate!

And so Das has to join school -- in uniform with a bag on his shoulder and plastic basket to carry his lunch pack and water bottle!

Now the flick moves forward with the help of Main Hoon Naa, till Das finishes school. He passes the exam because his love Nakshatra (Ileana) is the art teacher there.

She hates him. Who would like a brazen, unkempt school dropout who makes a living by duping people?

Now Rajasekhar decides it's time to revert to the main plot, so Das manages to become a traffic policeman. Das has to move into the crime branch, so the don stage-manages Das's arrest of a dreaded thug. He becomes an inspector in the crime branch. From here, the plot meanders aimlessly.

Ravi Teja is his usual self. He does a good job as the good-at-heart crook who is madly in love. He, Venumadhav and Ali, helped by some witty dialogues, ensure the flow.  But it is Rajasekhar who appears confused. He keeps you wondering what he wants to convey. He tries to throw in some comedy and bizarre stunts with the hot Ileana as eye candy. 

The unrealistic stunts will actually make you squirm in your seat. Teachers are bound to get irritated at the way they are presented in this flick. They appear as if they are ramp-walking and the less said about the school principal the better.

Ileana wears barely there outfits and has nothing much to do in the film except look glamourous. The camera tries to capture more of her midriff in various angles than her face. Perhaps the director knows she cannot act.

The music by Keeravani is pathetic. So are the dance numbers. Kota Srinivasa Rao does justice in a cameo. The double entendre and the bizarre stunts really hurt. Only a miracle can save this film -- watch it at your own risk.

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G P Aditya Vardhan