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'We didn't know how God would react, stand, sit'

Last updated on: June 02, 2013 13:14 IST

Mohit Rain in Devon Ke Dev MahadevAfter acting in television series like 2009's Chehra (2009) and 2010's Ganga Kii Dheej, Mohit Raina struck gold playing Lord Shiva in the television serial, Devon Ke Dev – Mahadev, directed by Nikhil Sinha.

The actor has worked very hard to get in shape for the serial, and his efforts have paid off.

Mohit Raina tells Rajul Hegde how he played God.

Did you do any research for the role?

Initially, we all had to sit and discuss with research team. We didn’t know how God would react, stand, sit, feel hungry or thirsty... But

I think we have been successful.

How difficult or easy is it to play a triple role of positive (Mahadev and Adi Yogi) and negative (Jallandhar) at the same time?

It’s difficult to play a positive and negative character on a daily basis. But it's fun and challenging because the first part of the day, you are playing a God (Mahadev), and later, youplay a character with grey shades.

I like playing Jallandhar now because I have been playing Mahadev for the last year and a half. Adi Yogi, my third role, has come to end. Jallandhar's character will also come to an end very soon. I am going to miss him (smiles)

Is it risky to play such characters as actors get typecast?

No. If somebody thinks I am decent enough as an actor, I will definitely get a chance. If they don’t then, I will force my audience to miss me and they will get me back (smiles).

Rajul Hegde in Mumbai