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WATCH: Jackie Chan's Bollywood dance!

By Jahnavi Patel
Last updated on: January 24, 2017 17:39 IST
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Jackie Chan knows just how to make a press conference exciting.

The actor arrived in Mumbai on January 23 and went to work immediately, promoting his new film Kung Fu Yoga.

After visiting the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show, Chan danced his way into a media interaction at a suburban five star hotel. He kept the audience entertained with his wit and charisma.

Some of the best captured moments from the event:

The Kung Fu Yoga cast -- Jackie, Disha Patani, Sonu Sood, Amyra Dastur, Miya Muqi and director Stanley Tong -- arrive in a vintage car.


Watch them on their vintage car, and then shake a leg on stage!


Chan wants to do a Bollywood movie and wants directors to take notice.

"No more action films; I want to do dancing, a love story," Jackie said. "You know, 11 years ago, I tried to do Bollywood but it had very heavy drama and romance. I could not fit into it. But now, I think I can."


The Kung Fu Yoga teams enjoys a martial arts performance.

Time for a Kung Fu pose.

And some dance, of course. 

Which is Jackie Chan's toughest Bollywood dance step? Watch this video to see!

Jackie Chan tells us that he watched Sonu Sood's movies after he was signed on. "I didn't know who he was, so I saw who he was, what kind of characters he played," Chan said.

Shilpa Shetty was at hand to introduce the martial arts actor at the press conference.

Sonu Sood shows us some action and Shilpa plays along.

Shilpa thanks Sonu Sood for making her dream come true.

"I have never been star-struck by anyone but Jackie Chan," she said and touched his feet.

Disha, whom we last saw in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, has grown up watching Jackie Chan's movies and has learnt a lot from him.

"He cares a lot for the environment. He hates it if someone wastes food. He doesn't even like if someone is littering. He will go himself, take the bottles lying around and put it in the dustbin," she said.

"He was like Santa Claus on set," Disha adds. "He goes and feeds everyone from his own hands. He'll give cookies, chocolates to whomsoever."


Disha shared an incident during an underwater scene. "Nobody tried saving him because everyone knows he's Jackie Chan. Everyone would run to me to take care of me."

"Five people carried her up (from the water); only one person carried me," Jackie said, making goofy actions, like in the picture above.

Jackie said he was impressed by the Indian girls, Disha and Amyra.

"We have used body doubles for them and they would be like, 'Why doubles, I want to do it.' So I would tell them it is difficult. For us, we want romantic. But they have done too many romantic and kissing scenes. Now, they want to do action!"

Miya plays Chan's assistant in the film and she loves India too. "It is so beautiful," she said.

Chan's international stardom doesn't stop him from being humble. He bows down to the martial artists.

When he was handed a mike, he made sure to thank the boy who gave it to him before addressing the media.

"When I make a film, I don't think about awards because people think I do cheap comedy action movies," he said.

But that does not stop him from making movies. He even won an Oscar recently for his movies!

It was a dream-come-true for Amyra -- she starred opposite Emraan Hashmi in Mr X -- to work with Jackie.

Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani/
Videos: Afsar Dayatar/

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Jahnavi Patel / in Mumbai