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Vrajesh Hirjee: I am glad, I am out of mental hospital

By Rajul Hegde
December 10, 2012 17:45 IST
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Salman Khan, mink Brar, Vrajesh HirjeeAfter three weeks of no evictions, last week the TV reality show Bigg Boss saw the double evictions of actor Vrajesh Hirjee and Mink Brar.

Vrajesh has been in the house from day one. Apart from a heated argument with Imam, Vrajesh has ensured that he stayed away from all the drama and fights in the house.

Is he upset that he has been evicted?

"Do I sound upset?" he shot back. "I am not disappointed at all. I am glad that I am out of concentration camp and (pauses) mental hospital. For me, the fun was over long back, so I am happy to be out with my family and friends."

He continues, "I took up the show because I thought I would be able to provide fun. But I could not see the funny side of life during my stay. Very soon I realised that it's not my cup of tea."

He says he was initially reluctant to participate but changed his mind later. All said and done, it was "a fantastic learning experience for me. I am glad that I agreed to be on the show."

Vrajesh's monologues kept his co-housemates and audiences entertained. But, surely, viewers expected much more from him?

"I know they wanted to see the humorous side of me, but due to turn of events I got stuck in the game. I am not a stand-up comedian; I cannot entertain all the time. But I can entertain people without even being funny, which I did. I am happy that people got to see my serious side too."

Some of the housemates felt he was backbiting and playing games. "I was always outspoken about things and somewhere down the line it worked against me. I was just trying to
tell them the truth but they thought I was backbiting," Vrajesh says in his defence.

He adds, "I did not go on the show to win the title but for an experience. For me, this show is like a train journey. I have boarded the train, and when it stops I get down to take some food and move on…this is not my destination.

"I have always told the housemates that Bigg Boss is just a reality show but the actual reality is outside. So whatever you do here, you will have to compensate for it outside."

What did he think about the housemates?

"Delnaz (Irani) never reacts to anything so I fail to understand her. Sapna (Bhavnani) keeps saying, 'I want to go home' but she is there to win the show. Rajeev (Paul) tries his luck with girls but fails every time. His aggressive behaviour with Imam was not needed.

"I didn't have issues with anyone, including Imam. All of them were trying to avoid him but I made an effort and spoke to him. I think nobody is good or bad but the situation makes you react in such a manner." What about his friend Aashka (Goradia)? "I had minor issues but it's all sorted out. Aashka likes to be the centre of attraction. If she is ignored, she starts crying to get the focus and sympathy," he says frankly.

"I know everyone is playing a game inside the house but for me, Urvashi Dholakia is the one who is being fair until now. Apart from her, I think Nirahua is a fantastic and genuine person," Vrajesh says.

There are some housemates he will keep in touch with after the show ends. "I don't have Mink's number. She messaged me so many times with hahahahahahaha (her loud laughter). So I figured out it's her. Definitely I am going to be in touch with her, Urvashi, Nirahua (Dinesh Lal Yadav), Niketan (Madhok) and Sayantani (Ghosh).

And the winner, by his calculation, could well be Niketan. "He is playing his game smartly. I think he has the chance to win."
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