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Surgery on Vivek's leg successful

Last updated on: July 17, 2003 22:36 IST

The surgery on actor Vivek Oberoi's broken leg has been successful, doctors at the Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai said late on Thursday evening.

Vivek fractured his left leg while shooting for a Mani Ratnam film in Kolkata on Wednesday. He flew into Mumbai this morning and was taken straight to the hospital.

Dr Sanjay Agarwala, who operated upon Vivek, said the procedure lasted an hour and five minutes. He said while the option of putting the actor's leg in a cast was considered, the family favoured a surgery because it entails a shorter recovery period.

He said Vivek is conscious now and would be able to walk, assisted by crutches, in a day or two. "Very soon we will send him home," he said.

A titanium plate has been inserted into Vivek's injured leg to support the fractured bone. "The broken bone will take at least three months to heal...we generally keep the plate in there for nearly one-and-a-half years. But in case of a young person like Vivek, the recovery is likely to be quicker," Dr Agarwala said.

Speaking to reporters before his son was taken into the operation theatre, Suresh Oberoi said Vivek was brought to Mumbai from Kolkata because it is easier for the family here to look after him. "We live in Mumbai the entire family is here so we shifted Vivek over here. After reaching here he spoke to his his mother and sister and fell asleep within half-an-hour...he had not slept since yesterday. We are thankful to the doctors in Kolkata who attended to Vivek...they took good care of him," he said.

He said co-star Abhishek Bachchan and Ajay Devgan were great help. Ajay, he said, held Vivek in his arms on the way to the hospital after the accident.

"Abhishek and [director] Mani Ratnam called me up. Sahara Shree (Sahara chairman Subroto Roy ) gave good help. I got 450 SMSs from Vivek's fan and innumerable phone calls wishing Vivek a speedy recovery.  I am thankful to people to who are praying for him," Suresh Oberoi said.