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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Vindoo: Armaan couldn't have caused Sofia any bodily harm in Bigg Boss

Vindoo: Armaan couldn't have caused Sofia any bodily harm in Bigg Boss

December 20, 2013 16:00 IST

Vindoo Dara SinghEven though Vindoo Dara Singh's brother had got into a brawl with Bigg Boss contestant Armaan Kohli, Vindoo feels the latter's recent arrest for allegedly assaulting Sofia Hayat is unwarranted.

"Sofia Hyatt is doing all this for publicity," Vindoo says. "Yes, Armaan is an aggressive guy and he is not respectful towards women. We know his reputation. He may have acted aggressively with the lady but he couldn’t have caused her any bodily harm. It’s not possible. If Armaan had assaulted her, the Bigg Boss contestants would have risen in protest against him and he would have been thrown out."

Sofia had claimed that Armaan had hit her with a mop. "Just because he touched her with a mop, Armaan is a criminal? Every day in India men beat up their wives and daughters. What has he done? Show the footage on television! What has he done that they couldn’t wait for him to come out before arresting him? Armaan’s father filmmaker Raj Kumar Kohli is such a lovely man."

Vindoo, who had been arrested recently in connection with a spot-fixing scandal, feels the cops are jumping the gun. “Nowadays, they like to see their pictures in papers and on television. Any complaint against a man by a woman and that man is booked and locked away. One has to be very careful in one’s dealings with women. They’ve all the rights and privileges."

Vindoo feels Sofia is being misguided. “The publicity managers must have advised her to do this. If she was really hurt, why was she so calm when she came out of the house? What is her plan? She wants to become Katrina Kaif?"

Vindoo, who had won the Bigg Boss show in an earlier season, reminisces, "I was very calm. I must have fought thrice in three months. Compared with the contestants in the current season, I was a saint."

He says the contestants are not instructed to behave aggressively. “We were not told anything. Once we entered the Bigg Boss house, we behaved how we wanted. If the contestants are behaving aggressively, it is their choice. The contestants’ natural personalities change under pressure. Look at the contestants this season -- Kamya Punjabi, Kushal Tandon, Gauahar Khan, Andy, Armaan... super-headstrong. With such people, there are bound to be fights. If more pacifists like Ratan Rajput, Tanisha and Sangram were around, there would be no fights.”

Coming back to Armaan, Vindoo says, "Let me tell you something. There are bouncers standing right outside the Bigg Boss house. The minute someone misbehaves, they rush in. When Kamal R Khan had thrown a bottle at Shamita Shetty and me, we insisted he leave, and he had to. A few nights before the finale when I was on  Bigg Boss, Pravesh Rana threw all the food away. The unusual circumstances make contestants behave strangely. I never cry. In the Bigg Boss house, I’d cry every day. This show is not for the weak-hearted. Female wrestler Sonika Kaliraman came in pregnant. She told me, ‘Vinod Bhaiyya, I felt my child would get aborted in there. She requested to be let out. Anyone who wants to go is allowed."

Subhash K Jha in Patna