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Stars we should get on Bigg Boss 8 instead of Kim K!

November 21, 2014 18:26 IST

No Kim? No sweat. These Hollywood stars would do just fine too.

So Kim Kardashian will not be part of Bigg Boss 8

To help those folks at Colors, we came up with a few suggestions:

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Paris Hilton

Photograph: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Much before Kim Kardashian and her life-altering reality show came on, Paris Hilton was already the star of her own show -- The Simple Life -- in 2003 costarring her socialite friend Nicole Richie.

So technically, she has better street cred in the world of reality shows!

Simon Cowell

Photograph: Fred Prouser/Reuters

The X Factor and American Idol judge is unrivalled in his snarky comments and observations that he dishes out to starry eyed contestants on his show.

It'd be a hoot if he has a lesson or two for host Salman Khan on how to be more creative with criticism?


Megan Fox

Photograph: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

The bewitchingly beautiful Megan Fox can floor her Indian fans with a mere glance.

It would be fun to see the BB men react to her presence.

Lindsay Lohan

Photograph: Fred Prouser/Reuters

What better way to boost TRP ratings than having a former child star and present day train wreck on your show?

Lindsay Lohan could be a cautionary tale for Bigg Boss stars.


Charlie Sheen

Photograph: Rick Wilking/Reuters

And finally, the mighty Charlie Sheen, who had the guts to badmouth his hit show Two And A Half Men's creator Chuck Lorre publicly and remain unfazed when he was subsequently kicked off the show.

I mean, just how much more can it get real than this?!