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First Longest Indian flag for a Tamil film

September 17, 2009 15:00 IST

R Raghuraj wrote the story and screenplay of his film Appavi (the innocent) and also decided to direct it with the intention of making the youth of the country realise the importance of being patriotic.

"I call Appavi a patriotic film. So many films are made showing the problems India faces. Why is it that they have not suggested any solutions? My film talks about the problems and their solutions so that India can be a super power in the world," said Raghuraj.

Appavi is the story of a college student played by Gowtham, a newcomer and through him, Raghuraj wants to say that  only India's youth can take the country to the top.

As a patriot, Raghuraj was disturbed by the way the country's flag is treated by politicians and people. "There are many awareness campaigns on global warming, HIV/AIDS, etc but there is no such movement to create awareness about the national flag. People look at it as a political party's flag. Many confuse it for the Congress party's flag. There is no respect or love for the national flag unlike in many other countries. Politicians like Lalu Prasad Yadav use it to cover their head! I want to tell people to respect the flag. I want to do it with something new to grab people's attention. That is how I come with the idea to create the longest Indian flag."

Raghuraj says that only his ideas are grand, the execution is simple. "I am of the opinion that instead of creating a set for Rs 50 lakh, we should spend Rs 50,000 and spread an idea that is worth Rs 50 lakh!"

To make his idea work, an Indian flag 1115 feet long was made which is obviously the longest Indian flag ever made and 500 college students held it in a song. The fiery patriotic song was written by Vairamuthu and tuned by young Joshua Sridhar. It took five days for the director to can the song.

The director also believes that every film has to have a social message.

Shobha Warrier in Chennai