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Review: Snehitaru is a light-hearted entertainer

By Srikanth Srinivasa
October 05, 2012 12:55 IST
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A scene from SnehitaruSrikanth Srinivasa thinks Kannada film Snehitaru is a light-hearted entertainer.

Kannada film Snehitaru, directed by debutant K Ramnarayan seems like an attempt to promote Master Snehith's career as an upcoming actor.

However, the young school kid has a long way to go before he can actually become an actor.

The movie revolves around the spoilt brat Master Snehith and how he runs amok in whatever he does at school. He is a troublemaker among his classmates and teachers forcing his grandparents to change his school often.

He is an adopted kid and has an elder brother named Suryaprakash (Darshan), who is a cop and an encounter specialist and makes an dashing entry by killing terrorists before he heads home. He hires Anjali (Pranitha) a teacher to look after Snehith in his absence as he is forced to go on an assignment.

This is when the four guys arrive on the scene. One is the son of a moneylender who wants to become rich while the others are, an instigator, 
a forgetful Joe and and a partially speech impaired. They all eye the teacher and are out to impress her while Snehith becomes a spoke in their wheel. 

Grandparents are fed up of Snheith's tantrums that they pay a ransom to get him kidnapped. Snehith gets kidnapped strangely and that is when the four guys and all the different guys embark on different journeys to save Snehith.

Though the movie has funny moments, they do not remain in you. 

Although the four guys played by Srujan Lokesh, Vijay Raghavendra, Ravishankar and Tarun Chandra keep you entertained, it is Darshan's entry in the beginning and towards the end that salvage the film.  Vijay Raghavendra and Ravishankar are good. Snehith impresses while Pranitha looks good. Ramesh Bhat and Girija Lokesh are adequate.

Songs by Gridhar are average. Snehitaru is a light-hearted entertainer.

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