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'I would like to record a duet with A R Rahman'

Last updated on: November 10, 2011 15:41 IST

'I would like to record a duet with A R Rahman'



Singer Hamsika Iyer has struck gold. Chammak Challo has brought her rave reviews and recognition in the industry.

Iyer, who was completely surprised when the offer to sing the song came from Vishal-Shekhar, has sung advertising jingles and some of her other notable numbers in Hindi films include Ishq Barse from Rajneeti, Jhoola Jhool in Stanley Ka Dabba and Khushboo Sa in Khoya Khoya Chand.

The songstress caught up with fans on rediff chat yesterday.

Here's the transcript for those who missed it.

shrikant asked, Tell us something more on you ... Where you are from, what did get you to this profession... Your favourites.... and future establishment within the industry.... Thanks

Hamsika Iyer answers, I am a Mumbaiite and I have been very busy singing advertisement jingles. The next step was playback singing and I have been lucky to sing songs that I could relate to. I have sung a beautiful duet for Shankar Ehsan Loy, which will come out soon.

Sk asked Hi Hansika, Liked your voice in the song chammak challo. Would like to know what made you accept this song and did you expect the song to receive such a good response.

Hamsika Iyer answers, have always loved Vishal-Shekhar's work and as every singer I had have always desired to record a song for them and I could not miss this opportunity because it was like a dream come true and I have got a fabulous response for my voice on Kareena.

armenon asked,hi hamsika, how long have you been into playback singing

Hamsika Iyer answers, I have been into playback singing since the last 5 years....

Image: Hamsika Iyer


'Kareena Kapoor looks stunning in the song'

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aks asked, Is this you first hindi song? And did you meet akon?

Hamsika Iyer answers, No this is not my first song. My first Hindi song was for the movie Eklavya. The song was Chanda Re. Unfortunately I couldn't meet Akon.

BHARATH asked, Any inspiration for chamak challo

Hamsika Iyer answers, The song itself was an inspiration and knowing that it is going to be featured on Kareena was a huge inspiration

Sapan asked, Do you think Kareena has done justice to you playback?

Hamsika Iyer answers, Of course. She is a very spontaneous actress and she looks stunning in the song...

tanweer asked, Did you met with Shahrukh? How was his approach? How was working with him?

Hamsika Iyer answers, I did get to meet Shah Rukh Khan at the promotional event and he is a very polite and wonderful human being and extremely lucky to have shared the stage with such a wonderful artist.

Image: Kareena Kapoor

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'I think Akon has nailed the song perfectly'

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Sapan asked, Hey Hamsika, have you received any formal training in music? Also who are your musical influences?

Hamsika Iyer answers, My father is my guru for carnatic music and I learn Hindustani music from Binay Pathakji. I was greatly influenced by Kumar Gandharvaji, Bhimsenji, D K Jayraman, M S Subbulaxmi etc

spawn asked, Hi Hamsika.....Loved the way you sang the part..aa tu na nakhre dikhaa..aaaa...aa.aaaaaa.....must have heard it a million Akon couldn't sing it....?

Hamsika Iyer answers, I think Akon has nailed the song perfectly and I took the liberty to express my part my way.

shyamlal asked, mam, have u got any international assignment post akon with u in chamak chalo

Hamsika Iyer answers, In the past I have recorded with Juno reactor who have given the music for Matrix. I am looking forward to working with many more talented musicians globally.

Image: Hamsika Iyer
Video: Sonil Dedhia
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'I am open to singing regional songs'

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SatishS asked, Good morning Hamsika, how did you end up getting this song? Do you sing for tamil industry regularly? You resemble Arundhati Roy (better nourished!)

Hamsika Iyer answers, Good Morning Satish, I have known Vishal Shekhar for a long time and its only destiny that made them rope me in for this song. I am also thankful to them for having trusted me with their composition. I have sung a Tamil song in the movie Angadi Theru with Benny Dayal for music composer G.V.Prakash.

don asked, In the song chamak challo whats the meaning of the tamil lines

Hamsika Iyer answers,  It goes like this, when I touch you, wont you melt... When you see a beautiful girl like me, wont you get mesmerised.... When our eyes lock, won't you feel like smiling... When we come close, wont u feel like hugging?

bj asked, Are you trying to sing any songs in Telugu & Tamil ...

Hamsika Iyer answers, I am open to the option of singing regional songs. As of now I am singing a song in Kannada.

Image: Hamsika Iyer

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'If not a singer I would have been a sportsperson'

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guest asked, Who is ur fav contemporary playback singers

Hamsika Iyer answers, Kishore Kumar is my all time favourite. In the current lot I like Mohit Chauhan and KK. I also like Asha Bhosle and Sunidhi Chauhan and Richa Sharma and the list is endless.

Sapan asked, Have you been approached by greats like Ilayaraja or Rahman

Hamsika Iyer answers, Not yet but I am surely looking forward to work with them.

vkg asked,  hi hamshika..Which hindi song inspire you. And Which Hindi song Do you love Most.

Hamsika Iyer answers, There are so many songs that has inspired me over the years but one song that I never get tired of is Lata Mangehkar's Kuch Dil Ne Kaha from the film Anupama.

SanOnline asked, I really like ur song chandre re chanda re fr Shantanu Moitra :) Which Male Playback singer would u like to record a duet with??

Hamsika Iyer answers, I would like to record a duet with A R Rahman.

Sapan asked, Did you aspire to be a singer from childhood or you wanted to become something else?

Hamsika Iyer answers, I have always been a good sportsperson along with being a good singer. If not a singer I would have been a sportsperson.

Image: Hamsika Iyer sings Chammak Challo
Video: Rajul Hegde
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'I won't participate in Bigg Boss'

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SatishS asked, Hi Hamsika, Have you ever got an offer to act in a movie? If you get one, will you have the guts to accept? If yes, who do you want to be your first director?

Hamsika Iyer answers, I can't act to save my life and I am happy just singing.

Kirangowda asked, Hamsika, will you support swami Agnivesh Big Boss entry? or will you participate if you have given chance?......

Hamsika Iyer answers, I don't follow Bigg Boss... and I wont participate in it.

kunder asked, do you think your father being a musician helped you in getting a break in the industry...

Hamsika Iyer answers, Not really but he being my guru helped me in my musical journey so far.

neisha asked, Hamsika, of 100%, what percent do you attribute to luck, what percent to talent, and what percent to being at the right palce at the right time?

Hamsika Iyer answers, For me its all about being at the right place at the right time if you are talented and hard working.

Image: Hamsika Iyer sings Chanda Re from Ekalvya
Video: Rajul Hegde
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