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This article was first published 9 years ago  » Movies » Review: Mr X is an unwatchable piece of trash

Review: Mr X is an unwatchable piece of trash

By Raja Sen
Last updated on: April 17, 2015 19:19 IST
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A scene from Mr XMr X is a stupid, slow mess that could still have been made entertaining with an interesting protagonist, says Raja Sen.

What is the worst thing a tacky filmmaker can do?

Overblown dialogue, corny acting, big conceptual plot-holes, continuity errors, melodrama, weak subplots…. All of those are regrettable but forgivable.

For the kind of B-grade movies a director like Vikram Bhatt routinely churns out, these are all par for the course.

The most unforgivable sin is to be boring, and Bhatt’s latest, Mr X is an utter drag.

There is no reason for this film to be in 3D, or, indeed, for it to exist in the first place.

Vishesh Films’ mascot Emraan Hashmi -- who delivers grand compensation for keeping a straight face through this dreadful film -- plays a character who turns invisible.

Except, puzzlingly enough, he doesn’t.

His character -- whose leather jacket fuses with his body in a freak accident, I kid you not -- becomes invisible but can be seen in sunlight and under all ultraviolet light.

And given that every light in this film appears UV, there’s hardly a frame without Emraan Hashmi’s mug.

Everyone in Mr X knows who he is and can see him 70% of the time. So much for plot/mystery/suspense.

What’s the point, again?

Around Hashmi stand many an untalented actor, from the waxen Amyra Dastur who delivers horrid dialogue about "bheeni bheeni khusbhu" with all the passion of a stuttering teleprompter, to that eternally ridiculous Arunoday Singh who here hams it up as an old fool.

Oh, and there’s comedian Tanmay Bhat showing up as Popo, and while his character might merely be that of a plump plot-device, he at least embraces the b-grade silliness and says things like “didi, please, didi” with all the earnestness of an early Govinda.

Special effects have never been what define a great invisible-man film.

Mr India, our one and only great superhero movie, is nearly three decades old and still captures the imagination.

Hollow Man, which Mr X borrows from inconsequentially (and sloppily) was made 15 years ago.

Even the tacky 1957 Mr X, starring Ashok Kumar -- and for which people were paid with tandoori chicken instead of money -- was enjoyable, campy fun. Mr X merely makes Ram Gopal Varma’s tedious Gayab look good in comparison.

Mr X is a stupid, slow, randomly ballad-filled mess that could still have been made entertaining with an interesting protagonist.

But there is, as can be expected, zero subtlety.

Hashmi pops on and off screen with gimmicky background score flashes, and his invisibility is absolute, without any gradations or gradual dimming, as if the digital effects guys were given ten bucks and shown the eraser tool. 

A man who flickers a few times before showing up isn’t invisible; he’s a tubelight.

Rediff Rating: ZERO STARS

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Raja Sen / in Mumbai