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This article was first published 12 years ago  » Movies » Review: Abduction is an unengaging bore

Review: Abduction is an unengaging bore

By Shailk Ayaz
September 23, 2011 15:04 IST
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A still from AbductionShaikh Ayaz feels Abduction is a mediocre high school version of The Bourne Identity. Post YOUR reviews here!

You want to say something good about this film, so you put all your thoughts together to come up with a not-so-startling revelation -- that the Taylor Lautner-starrer is a mediocre high school version of The Bourne Identity, meant only for the viewing pleasures of teenagers.

Nathan (Taylor) is suddenly hit by the idea that he isn't living his life, maybe he's not his true self and is forced to solve this inner conflict arising out of an ill-created and ill-timed identity crisis.

Instead of resolving that dilemma, the central theme is a rather foolish excuse for a self-indulgent role to its teenage star. Abduction slaps one idiotic scene after another and within minutes of its starting, dissolves into a sorry joke.

It is filled with American high school movie stereotypes and validates director John Singleton's standing as a director of (whose works like Michael Bay's, is increasingly riling viewers) absolutely no imagination of his own. It seems Singleton goes into his films with an eye firmly on the teen-friendly markets.

He has most of the ingredients which he thinks works with the youth -- guns and girls (Mr Godard wouldn't like this), campus as a set-up, extended chases and the CIA let loose. Singleton fails to see beyond this idea and his sloppy handling and putting together of these ingredients gives us a picture that becomes a study in 'How Not to Make a Film.'

Gifted the lead role of Nathan, it's clear that the makers intend to capitalise on Taylor's popularity among those precisely his age and this film is a showcase for his talent (or non-talent). All he gets to do is, mouth the cheesiest and dumbest lines you are likely to hear in the movies. Lily Collins (the only one who shares his restlessness in finding his true identity) is hopelessly bad but come to think of it, there's nothing in this script for her.

Abduction is an unengaging bore, with no regard for its own market. Let's credit the youth with more intelligence and acumen than this film thinks they deserve.

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Shailk Ayaz in Mumbai