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Rahul Bose: I got married yesterday

September 18, 2006 14:28 IST
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Some people call him Bollywood's 'thinking actor'.

The rest just want to ask Rahul Bose how it felt kissing Mallika Sherawat in Pyaar Ke Side Effects.

Rediff readers caught up with Bose during a chat on Friday, and if you weren't around, here's a recap of what went on:

faiza asked, what is special in this is ur experience with malika. i think she is a really a good actress.
Rahul Bose answers, The insights about love and relationships in Indian cities today...why men irritate women the way they do and why women irritate men with the things they do
shoaib asked, hi rahul
Rahul Bose answers, hi...
Runa asked, Hi Rahul ,this is Runa
Rahul Bose answers, hi Runa !
zuLfi asked, hi RahuL (boss) bhai..!! how r u? 1st of all, i want to wish u for the success of ur todays film, i.e pyar k side/effects..!! and i want 2 ask u 1 Q? where did u Learn English..!! ur Flunecy is very good..!! keep it up!! i Like U r Attitude n selection of films U choose..!! my ALLAH give U success in ur Life n fuL;fiLL ur dreamz..!! bye
Rahul Bose answers, I learnt English in Cathedral School in the 1980s. Thank God I did not learn it from today's tv English would be shocking!
sameeksha asked, hi r u there ?
Rahul Bose answers, yes
Shyba asked, Hi Rahul,I really appreciate ur acting skills,we used to see in most of the offbeat films only,r u deliberately saying no no to typical bollywood films?
Rahul Bose answers, yes..this one is as typical as I'm willing to go
mhatreonline asked, hi Rahul, hows u man
Rahul Bose answers, good. thanks
faiza asked, hi,u are a good actor.i want to know love ke side effect kaise movie hai.really love ke side effect hote hai.
Rahul Bose answers, has side effects-happiness, security...
akki asked, hello rahul great performance in pkse
Rahul Bose answers, when did u see it?
DUDE asked, When will we get to see more movies like "Everybody says I am fine"...
Rahul Bose answers, at the end of next year..I'm shooting my next film in March
mahesh asked, hi rahul you being a good sportsperson also, what do you think should be done about encouraging sports other than cricket in India
Rahul Bose answers, The right facilites should be provided...a steady stream of Govt funding...the right coaches..the right techniques..its a long list but it needs to be done
gunjan asked, are u online?
Rahul Bose answers, No..I'm Rahul Bose
DD asked, Which films will be released during this year
Rahul Bose answers, probably The Whisperers in december, else it will be released in jan.
vir asked, How ru doing ?
Rahul Bose answers, r u doin?
gunjan asked, hi
Rahul Bose answers, hi
gunjan asked, hi rahul, you are the next shining star..plz don't change your style .. i m a great fan of urs. hope malika'll bring luck 4 u ...bye
Rahul Bose answers, Thanks Gunjan. It's people like u with ur unconditional generosity that make acting worthwhile.
DD asked, Are you on line
Rahul Bose answers, yes
vir asked, hello boss
Rahul Bose answers, hello vir
nomita asked, hey rahul, whenever i read any of your interview, it interest me lot, as you sound very practicle, modest, very clear and still very natural (like be yourself attitude). how cum you are still so natural after being in this industry?
Rahul Bose answers, my friends are not fm this industry nor is my family nor are my Rugby team mates....they keep my feet on the ground and don't take any nonsense fm me...besides if I behaved like a star they wld kick my butt.
santoshn asked, Rahulji, I have seen lot of ur interviews on news channel. U seems to be very socialist person. One question-How do u think w should sort out current crises in India & Indian Society: Santosh Niwate
Rahul Bose answers, They are no simple answers...a good place to start is for each of us to genuinely, truly follow the path of aggressive non violence and love..believe me Santosh this is difficult, but if we can do this, this country will be truly beautiful
mahesh asked, hello rahul how r u
Rahul Bose answers, very well..thanks
Abhinav asked, hi
Rahul Bose answers, hi
Gazza asked, Rahulbhai..
Rahul Bose answers, Is this Paul Gascoigne?
Shikha asked, r u there
Rahul Bose answers, yes
whoisrahulbose asked, yea, g2g now, bye
Rahul Bose answers, thanks..bye
mohsin asked, i never miss ur movies, i was there in ahemdabad where u spoke to us after the screening of "everything is fine' and i found u to be very real person. any plans of directing one more?
Rahul Bose answers, yes..i'm directing a film in March next year
Enya asked, right now in india? you there for a visit or something?
Rahul Bose answers, very much in India.What do you mean visit..I live here..I am an Indian citizen
ish asked, hello
Rahul Bose answers, hi
roopeshamin asked, what u feel working with mallika
Rahul Bose answers, it was informal, comfortable, honest and interesting
baba asked, hi rahul you are from calcutta not from kolkata now you are a mumbaiwala. what is your next film. when will you marry. i love you films.
Rahul Bose answers, I'm from Bombay, my father is fm Calcutta. My next film is The Whisperers with Manoj is in English. Marriage seems as likely as finding a snowball in hell
bajaj asked, hi rahul this santosh from pune ,tell me about ur next movie
Rahul Bose answers, Its a 2 man psychological thriller in English..very dark..very surreal.
saurabh asked, wt u hav to say abt love??
Rahul Bose answers, Love is what makes the world go's the greatest force in the world
preetam asked, Dude any regrets in life?
Rahul Bose answers, None as yet. actually one- that i did not actively fight the forces of anti-Muslim hatred during the Gujarat riots in 2002.
pankaj asked, which is your favourate munnabhai?
Rahul Bose answers, i'm sorry..I haven't watched either of them..but i want to..
Ahtasham asked, hi how r u
Rahul Bose answers, fine..thanks
sonisoni asked, ur chat id plz
Rahul Bose answers, I don't have one!
Karishma asked, answer me rahul, u there??
Rahul Bose answers, yes..i'm
Rhituparna asked, DO u have siblings?
Rahul Bose answers, elder sister.
sapang asked, I jus wanted to knw hw does it feel when someone refers u as just a "multiplex star"..or "Shahrukh Khan of Parallel Cinema"??Hw does "Rahul bose-the actor" feel about such comments??
Rahul Bose answers, very flattered..very surprised.
amar asked, hi rahul.. i m a gr8 fan of yours. i've dont advance booking of your new film for sunday
Rahul Bose answers, thank you..may yr tribe increase
sarita asked, I never seen any of your movies but when my boyfriend insisted, at that time I watched Mr.& Mrs.Iyer and I really liked your acting and since then I dont miss any of your movies...
Rahul Bose answers, Thank you Sarita. I guess I have Aparna Sen to also thank!
sunil asked, hi rahul
Rahul Bose answers, hi
nishant asked, WHEN IS YOUR MARRIAGE?
Rahul Bose answers, It was yesterday at 6:42pm which was the most auspicious moment according to the Vedic calendar.
tinku asked, is mallika as bold as she appears to be?
Rahul Bose answers, depends what u mean by bold
sapang asked, How do u feel when u kissed Mallika ?
Rahul Bose answers, very sad. it filled my heart with pain knowing i was inflicting such humiliation on her.
sapang asked, How do u feel when u kissed Mallika ?
Rahul Bose answers, very sad. it filled my heart with pain knowing i was inflicting such humiliation on her.
Subhadeep asked, are you in touch with european cinema? if yes , can you say why indian cinema can not achieve the same standards as the europeans? i mean where is the indian version of bergman or kubrick or tarkovsky?
Rahul Bose answers, I don't believe we have the directors or writers with either a concept of world cinema, or a desire to make world cinema or the depth to understand what goes into making world cinema, nor the sensitivity...
sapang asked, Amny kudos to you for making it fairly big in the industry despite being an outsider.English August was really nice. So was the iyer flick.Why is majority of Bollywood mired in such mediocrity
Rahul Bose answers, Pls refer to my previous answer
Maneet asked, Hi Rahul. In what roles you feel most comfortable ??
Rahul Bose answers, i don't think i have done a single role where I don't feel comfortable..
15sadsa asked, Apni achen ki dada
Rahul Bose answers, yes.
Karishma asked, i heard that u cud manage ur smooches with Mallika very well
Rahul Bose answers, thats what she says. it was a fluke
sapang asked, I have always liked the kind of films you choose to do. I also get the feeling that you would be good with kids. Why not do a children's movie... or play storyteller in something like Karadi Tales?
Rahul Bose answers, thats a grt suggestion...i hope something comes my way...i think there's a huge vaccum in the area of children's movies.
jeetu asked, Hi Rahul, u r really a gud actor and i luv to watch uer movies ... u need to do more films now .. don't u think so?
Rahul Bose answers, please ask someone to make me an offer...i have to feed my family this month...
sapang asked, you are a bad actor...any comments???
Rahul Bose answers, u speak the truth!
rakesh asked, Hi Rahul U r a great actor
Rahul Bose answers, u can a boxing match with Sapang on this..
Neil asked, Hi Mr. Bose, Greetings fro Heidelberg Germany!!!
Rahul Bose answers, Hello Neil..
sudhir asked, Rahul it is a prestige now that u just say Hi my friends r saying u want do this to me
Rahul Bose answers, Hi Sudhir and hello Sudhir's friends
rah asked, do you believe in god
Rahul Bose answers, No not in the conventional sense. i believe there is a God in each one of us..all we have to do is find it and expand it thru our thoughts and our actions
sus asked, rahul, have u done any south indian movies
Rahul Bose answers, no, but i have just finished an art film in English with Santosh Sivan that has been produced by a Hollywood company in which I play a Malayali villager
sapang asked, Rahul , If I am not wrong you are also a social worker and you had been to Andaman Nikober during Tsunami. Do you find time for those kind of work ? Do you think that you guys are doing enough for the society ? nidhi84 says, rahul r u palying base ball in indian base ball team?i heard tht u r selected for indian team is this true?
Rahul Bose answers, I have and will continue to find time for my work on the islands. I believe there are too few of us in the film industry who genuinely care with any depth or insight or compassion for the multitude of causes that need attention in this country. Also, the question is - how much is really enough in a country of 1.1 billion? There is no baseball officially in India as yet. I play rugby for the country.
Rahul Bose says, Thank you everybody. I have not done justice to all the questions you have put to me, but hopefully i will live a few years more, do a few more films and be back on this site. lots of love. rahul
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