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Peepli [Live] director: Fight for justice isn't over

August 01, 2016 17:01 IST

Anusha Rizvi and Mahmood FarouquiA Delhi court has convicted Peepli [Live]'s co-director Mahmood Farouqui for the rape of an American research scholar.

The verdict sent shock waves through Bollywood.

Mahmood and his wife Anusha Rizvi directed the much-praised Peepli [Live], a film produced by Aamir Khan.

After the rape allegation, Anusha kept a low profile. But after the verdict, she spoke up, making it clear that she stands by her husband, and that her fight for justice on his behalf will continue.

"We will approach the High Court for the justice that has been denied to us," she says.

She believes her husband is innocent.

"The truth will triumph," she says. "We are tremendously grateful for the support of our friends and colleagues who are standing with us in this travesty."

Anusha has not experienced any kind of social ostracism because of the verdict against her husband.

"We have the full support of our friends and colleagues and, of course, our families. I don't feel isolated at all. In fact, I am amazed and deeply touched by the support my husband and I have received," she says.

In the picture: Anusha Rizvi with husband Mahmood Farouqui. Photograph: Abhijit Mahamunkar

Subhash K Jha