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Want to win Paanchvi Paas? They will help!

By Rajul Hegde
April 16, 2008 19:08 IST
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Star Plus' Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain have handpicked five children to help contestants win the cash prize of Rs 5 crores.

To know the format of the game show, to be hosted by Shah Rukh Khan, click here.

The children, who will help the contestants, are Shriya Sharma, Dheirya Sorecha, Anubhav Motilal, Siporna Ghosal and Milanjeet Singh.

Ask them whether SRK is Paanchvi pass se tez, and they all yell 'no' in chorus. Find out more about these children:

Shriya SharmaShriya Sharma
Age: 10 years
From: Palanpur

Fondly called by Shah Rukh Khan as his 'princess', this 10-year-old aspires to be an astronaut. Born and brought up in Palampur, Shriya is well known in the world of advertising and television. She has done innumerable ads and has also appeared in the serial, Kasauti Zindagi Kay.

Dheirya Sorecha
Age: 9 years
From: Mumbai

Dheirya SorechaDheriya is the naughtiest child in the Paanchvi Paas group. He
aspires to become an actor. His acting skills, singing and
mimicry have been proven time and again, as he actively participates in school plays.

"Shah Rukh calls me Harry Puttar because I have specs like Harry Potter," grins Deriya.

Anubhav Motilal
: 9 years
From: Delhi

Anubhav MotilalAnubhav is a die-hard Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan fan. Give him a chance, and he'll break into a song and dance routine. But Anubhav has no acting dreams; he wants to become a chef.

Sreeparna Ghosal
: 10 years
From: Viraz

Shreeparna aspires to be a doctor. Like many kids of her age, Shreeparna loves singing, painting and dancing.

Sreeparna GhosalMilanjeet Singh Bhatti
Age: 9 years
From: Amritsar

Milanjeet aspires to be an electronic engineer. Shah Rukh's 'Milli puttar' brings plenty of 'balle balle' mirth on the sets.


Milanjeet Singh BhattiThe game is played by a single contestant, who attempts to answer questions taken from elementary school textbooks. Each correct answer increases the amount of money the player banks to a maximum of Rs 5 crores.

The contestant selects one classmate among the five, to help him with answers during the game. After every two questions, the contestant must choose a different classmate to help him out, if required.

The contestant can make use of three lifelines: Taank Jhaank gives the contestant an opportunity to review his current classmate's answer before submitting his own, Nakal allows the current classmate to answer for the contestant, Taank Jhaank lets the contestant use his current classmate's answer.

Bachao is triggered automatically if the contestant gives a wrong answer. If the contestant's current partner has the correct answer, the contestant is saved.

If the contestant makes it to the final question, he cannot take his classmate's help even if his lifelines are unused.

Watch Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain from April 25, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, at 8pm on Star Plus.

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Rajul Hegde