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Anu Malik injured in accident

Last updated on: July 19, 2003 13:19 IST

Anu MalikMusic director Anu Malik was injured when his car met with an accident near Bagru town on Jaipur-Ajmer road today.

Malik received bruises on his hand and leg said Additional Director General of Police Arun Duggar.

His car had a dent in the mishap, he added.

Digital cinema to revolutionise Indian cinema

Image Media Technologies, India's leading production, post-production and delivery technology enabler, and Prasad Labs, the lab that spearheaded the digital revolution in the visual media industry, has jointly launched Qube HD Digital Cinema system, the most advanced and versatile digital cinema solution in the world.

According to Real Image, the innovation offers the Indian film industry a very cost effective and high technology solution that can minimise costs of film prints.

"A major advantage of our solution is that a digital film can be released in a larger number of cinema halls. High quality reproduction procedures for digital content enable a consistent standard in output so the viewer at a theatre in Muzzafarpur sees the same high picture quality as the multiplex viewer in Mumbai. Curbing piracy and the prevention of unauthorised shows will directly result in increased profits. Savings on print costs can almost double profit margins," said Senthil Kumar, Director, Real Image Media Technologies Pvt Ltd, at the launch of the technology.

Piracy can also be controlled as the system allows only authorised players to decode content. The start date and time, the end date and time, and the number of plays allowed can be set and monitored. The system can also watermark content to indicate the serial number and the play dates and time of the player. This information can be decoded from a video copy of the film, and this information can be used to track the culprit -- the theatre.

PTI/ Shobha Warrier