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This article was first published 8 years ago  » Movies » 'My fans make up for the lack of friends in my life'

'My fans make up for the lack of friends in my life'

By Rajul Hegde
November 03, 2015 16:48 IST
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'There have been happy, sad and frustrating moments but I wouldn't want to change anything. I want to be remembered by at least five films and hope Fan will be among them.'

Shah Rukh Khan tells us his birthday wishes.

Image: Shah Rukh Khan climbs his compound wall to greet his fans.

Shah Rukh Khan was in high spirits as he celebrated his 50th birthday on November 2 with the media and fans at Mumbai’s Taj Lands End hotel. 

"My fans are my best friends. They make up for the kamee (lack) of friends in my life," Shah Rukh said at the press conference. "They love me unconditionally. I tell fans on social media not to use bad and abusive language. If you want to say something, say it to my face, not behind (my back)."

Image: SRK's fans cannot get enough of him

"I think 18, 21, 40, 50, 75 are landmark dates,” he added. “My resolution is to keep smiling. I have no attachment to a number, be it age or box office collections.”  

Shah Rukh spent a quiet birthday in the city, as he claims he will party hard after the Dilwale shoot, which is currently on in Goa, is over. 

“My children had come for my birthday,” he said. “They did not gift me anything as they say I have everything. All they gave me is a hug and kiss.”

Image: SRK is definitely the fan's choice

The superstar said his 25-year journey in the film industry has been ‘wonderful’.

“There have been happy, sad and frustrating moments but I wouldn't want to change anything. I want to be remembered by at least five films and hope Fan will be among them,” he said. 

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Image: Shah Rukh performs at Taj Land's End

There is a change in the way films are made today. I try to work with those who move ahead with time. 1990s was a different phase from now,” Shah Rukh said, adding that he wanted to move ahead with time and make career-best movies.

“There are interesting filmmakers today, making different stuff. I want to push myself and am getting ready to be pushed,” he added. 

Image: Shah Rukh cuts his birthday cake

The global superstar said that he hadn’t been offered international projects so far. “I want make Indian films for the international audience,” he said. 

Image: Mika Singh joins Shah Rukh Khan

The actor talked about his dream to set up an acting institute. "My daughter (Suhana) wants to learn acting but I don't know where to send her,” he explained. 

Image: Shah Rukh takes a selfie with a fan

What makes women of all ages fall in love with him?

Shah Rukh has an answer: “The only reason women like me is because I respect them in a way that they fall in love with me. I show graciousness to every woman I meet in my life.” 

Image: Shah Rukh poses with an SRK puppet

Shah Rukh also gave his views on the recent controversy of intellectuals, including Bollywood folk, returning their awards.

"No one can ask me to give away anything I don't want to give,” he said. “I respect them for the freedom of creativity but that kind of symbolism is not what I believe in.

“Also, I don't have an award! First, give me one and then talk about taking it back,” he added, with a grin.

“Creativity is secular. Creativity has no religion. Art is way more important than the artist himself. When we start questioning creativity or creative people, we’re doing the biggest disservice to the nation. If there is tension, the one thing that can bring us together is art," he said.

Image: Shah Rukh Khan performs

Shah Rukh also commented on the recent controversy surrounding commercial surrogacy and the consideration to ban it.

"It (surrogacy) should be regulated,” he said. “When I was having my surrogate baby (AbRam), I did a lot of study on it and realised that a lot of countries have regulated the procedure. I know the pleasure of having children and if there is any manner in which parents, who are bereft of this joy, are able to enjoy it, I am all for it."

Shah Rukh has good words to say about Deepika Padukone’s Bajirao Mastani, which will release on the same day as his film, Dilwale, on December 18.

“It's unfortunate but films will clash,” he said. “All our love and affection is with Bajirao Mastani. I'll be happy if both the films are successful."

“Deepika is a lucky charm,” he added. “In this period, both films can do well."

Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar

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Rajul Hegde / in Mumbai