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Message from Bollywood: 'DON'T GIVE UP!'

By Rediff Movies
May 12, 2021 12:46 IST
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'Once you choose hope, anything is possible.'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shruti Haasan/Instagram

Like Shruti Haasan's goth look?


Photograph: Kind courtesy Juhi Chawla/Instagram

Juhi Chawla has a question for you: 'I read this today morning...Once you carry your own water; you will learn the value of every drop! This quote embodies a mindset of gratitude.

'By carrying the weight of the task, and experiencing for yourself the effort required to produce the result, you'll develop a new level of respect for everything that goes into it.

'Now read that again. What are you grateful for today?'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Shama Sikander/Instagram

'Once you choose hope, anything is possible,' assures Shama Sikander.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sandeepa Dhar/Instagram

'The question is not what you look at but what you see. So, what do u see ?' Sandeepa Dhar asks.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Laxmi Raai/Instagram

Laxmi Raai wonders when things get back to normal.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Surbhi Jyoti/Instagram

Surbhi Jyoti poses near her blooms.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Gauahar Khan/Instagram

Gauahar Khan gets ready for Eid and says, 'Can't filter your soul up, let your light shine through.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Tanishaa Mukerji/Instagram

'All we need is a lil bit of sunshine in our day!'Tanishaa Mukerji tells us.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Rohit Roy/Instagram

'One day, you will be living the life you once prayed for... DONT GIVE UP!' declares Rohit Roy.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Chahatt Khanna/Instagram

Chahatt Khanna takes a walk in the park.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Krystle D'Souza/Instagram

Krystle D'Souza twirls.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Juhi Parmar/Instagram

Juhi Parmar tells us why green is her favourite colour: 'From all the colours out there, green has become a favourite because there's so much less of outdoors for most of us these days and much more of bricks and walls.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Urvashi Dholakia/Instagram

Urvashi Dholakia tell you to love yourself first and sings to you: 'TAKE MY HAND, TAKE MY WHOLE LIFE TOO, FOR I CANT HELP FALLING IN LOVE WITH MYSELF.'

'We all need to say this to ourselves!'

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