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'I don't want to typecast myself just because I did Rock On!!'

January 19, 2009 16:17 IST
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Rock On's success has rubbed on to Luke Kenny as well. Musician and former veejay, Luke has been around for quite sometime, but he needed director Abhishek Kapoor to put him on top.

Nithya Ramani caught up with Luke to find out how life changed for him, post Rock On!!.

How is life after Rock On!!?

Wonderful. It has opened up various opportunities and widened my audience. Thanks to the director (Abhishek Kapoor) and his great way of shaping my character, people have been very kind about my performance.

I started getting projects a month after the release of Rock On!! but because of recession and the 26/11 terror attacks, the projects have been put on hold.

How has Rock On!! helped your career?

It has pushed me to the forefront as an actor and has opened up opportunities for me.

Will you act full-time now?

Definitely. If this has helped me so much, I guess this is what I will be doing

What about your music?

Well, that is still there. If you have varied interests, you cannot concentrate on all every time. I cannot give equal importance to both. That is my passion and will remain with me. But for now, acting is my call.

How would you analyse your performance in Rock On!!?

I am my best critic. In the given circumstances and the direction, I have given my best shot. If I were to do the same in a different situation, then maybe I would have emoted differently. I think I have given my best.

We heard you have signed a guitar which is up for auction...

Farhan Akhtar, Vishal-Shekhar, Shankar, Ehsaan and I have signed a guitar which will be auctioned off. The proceeds will go to the Central Society for the Education of the Deaf. This cause was initiated by Zee Studio.

I have signed guitars earlier for breast cancer patients, so this is not the first time for me.

Why do you think Zee approached you to be a part of this cause?

I have been involved in such causes right from my Channel [V] days. I think taking my involvement in the music industry into consideration, they approached me.

What next?

There are a few projects I am looking at but nothing is confirmed yet. I don't want to typecast myself just because I did Rock On!!. I need a good director, a good script and a good producer.

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