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'I do little stunts in Honeymoon'

Last updated on: February 23, 2007 17:34 IST

Minissha Lamba started out with a promising acting career when her first film Yahaan was critically appreciated.

Her upcoming film Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd sounds just as promising, and promos of her tango with Abhay Deol have already made news.

When Minissha chatted with Rediff readers on February 22, people clearly had a lot of fun. For those who missed it, here's the transcript:

Minissha Lamba says, HI everyone, this is Minissha here. Welcome to my chat and thank you so much for taking time out to come and spend this hour with me.

vikas asked, hi.... bollywood is flooded with new commers these days even star kids too... how tough was it for you to make ur presence felt ???
Minissha Lamba answers HI Vikas, I think Bollywood is opening up to new talent in all arenas. NO matter what your background is I think this is a great time to be a part the movie industry.

rahul tiwari asked, hi minish u r too cute.U hav done couple of of good movies like yahan and do u want to become a new bubbly heroine like preity or want to follow the footsteps of mallaika???what do u say??what abt ur new movies??
Minissha Lamba answers, Hi Rahul, I would love to carve my own niche in Bollywood. I am very flattered that your comparing me to a big star like Priety, but in time I want to be known as a unique individual.

ajay asked, when is ur birthday
Minissha Lamba answers, Hi Ajay, my birthday is on the 18th of Jan.

Thunderacer asked, Hey i have seen all of ur movies but i but i must say u was the best in your fist movie only and then after all in your movies was just a time pass. So in future can we expect a little much
Minissha Lamba answers, Hi there, yes Yahaan was my most special film by far. Am glad you enjoyed it. I think Honeymoon will have something different to offer to people who want to see a different side of me.

Minissha Lambajalajrules asked, hi minissha..i see that like many other people u have ur name altered...may i ask when do we get to see the minissha lamba of the song "pooche jo koi..naam ada likhna" again if ever???
Minissha Lamba answers, Hi, the Minissha of that song is eternal in the visuals of Yahaan. I will always be there coming to you with new looks so that you can enjoy constant evolution of me as an artist.

Arindam asked, Hi Minisha,Good afternoon...... Nowadays we are seeing a lot of multistarrer films,how tough it is to make a mark on multistarrer films?
Minissha Lamba answers, Hello Arindam, at the end of the day it's the script that's your real hero. It doesnt matter how much screen time you have, but how well you are able to support a narrative.

parab asked, hi.. have you done any preparation for your role in honeymoon travel P.LTD. if there is any movie with AB & AB jr.
Minissha Lamba answers, Hi Parab, yes we did a lot of preparation for the dance plus we had to work a little on our accent to make it sound a little parsi at places. Plus I am doing small little stunts in the film.

Piyush asked, Hi Minissha , How was it working with such great set of actors, actresses...specially Shabana Azami ?
Minissha Lamba answers, Hello Piyush, it was an honour to share screen space with Shabanaji and Bomanji, and I am truly humbled that they treated us like family and made all of us feel comfortable around legends like them.

tappi1234 asked, You do hindi movies, but you are rarely seen as a hindi speaker in your interviews. Why?
Minissha Lamba answers, HI tappi, infact I do a lot of interviews where I am primarily speaking in HIndi. I lived in Chennai for 10 years and therefore my spoken hindi became very weak. But now I make an effort to be as fluent in hindi because after all it is my mother tongue and I am proud to be a part of hindi cinema.

lmn asked, Can you tell me your age?
Minissha Lamba answers, Hi 1mn, I am actually 9 years old pretending to be 36.

Minissha Lambaashwani goyal asked, hello mam tell me about ur new picture.
Minissha Lamba answers, HI Ashwani, Honeymoon, is a fun film about 6 couples who go on a honeymoon trip to Goa. It's a laughter riot and a light hearted take on relationships. Do watch it and post your comments at rediff.

shalu asked, hi, i like your smile, give me few tipps for jolly face
Minissha Lamba answers, Hi Shalu, just be happy from within and you will have the most beautiful face.

Paresh asked, Do you like cooking
Minissha Lamba answers, No Paresh, i am not very fond of cooking but I like eating. SO if you want to cook me a meal, I wouldnt mind

sid76 asked, what r yr future plans , what kind of roles u r focusing , do u hv plan to head towards hollywood .
Minissha Lamba answers, Hi Sid, after HOneymoon, there's another film of mine called Anamika. THat's a film that I am very proud of. NO, I dont have any Hollywood aspirations as I want to make my mark in the place where I belong and that is India.

Dhruv asked, Hi Minisha, a very good afternoon.....I am eagerly waiting to watch this movie.....what is this tata sky bus can u plz tell.
Minissha Lamba answers, Hi Dhruv, the Tata bus was the actual bus that we spent one month of our shooting in Goa. We thought why not let the bus travel around Mumbai giving you a glimpse of the fun times we had.

anand s asked, which is the best food that u like to eat and make??
Minissha Lamba answers, Hi Anand, I am a total punjabi to the core and my favourite food is butter chicken with butter garlic naan.

honey asked, hi minisha, in these days threre is a boom of the films which we can not see with family, what do you say, how to stop these type of movies
Minissha Lamba answers, Hi honey, we are making all kinds of films most that can be seen with our families, but a small percentage that are restricted. But I am happy to inform you that Honeymoon is a film that you can watch with your family.

kumari asked, good evening,miss lamba!i am curious to know what is opinion on the present political situation in nepal?is there ever any hope for nepal?
Minissha Lamba answers, Hi Kumari, I love Nepal. Some of my very good friends are from there. It is the most beautiful place I have been. I hope the situation there is resolved so that the world can enjoy a haven like Nepal

Minissha Lamba says, Hi All, a big thank you for taking time out and chatting with me. I tried to answer as many questions as possible. I am sorry that there were a lot of people who I could not reply to due to the time constraints. Honeymoon is a film that we have all worked really hard for. We wanted to put in the effort towards making something different for you to watch. I do hope you all go out there and watch the film and do come back here and post your honest comments on what you thought of the film and of me. Take care. God bless. I love you all and thank you so much for sharing this hour for me.