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Jiah: I'm not another Urmila

Last updated on: March 05, 2007 12:43 IST
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Jiah Khan is pretty clear she's not another Urmila Matondkar, but claims she has 'her own aura' in her debut film, Nishabd.

The young actress was candid about acting with Amitabh Bachchan, and firmly stated that she was not Aamir Khan's sister, as was reported in some sections of the press earlier.

For those who missed the chat last week, here's the transcript:

Jiah Khan says, hi everyone this is Jiah.

shyam asked, Hi Jiya, how did u feel acting with such as superstar Big B
Jiah Khan answers, obviously very nervous but it was a beautiful experience

Dangerous asked, How is the movie? Are there any shocks in this movie. and will I be able to feel that another Urmila is here.
Jiah Khan answers, haha not another urmila trust me my role and aura in the film is very different.

amit asked, jia..Now you have become Big J
Jiah Khan answers, haha big J that's funny but will never be as big as Big B!

Jiah Khan answers, thank you so much.

Hari asked, How was it acting wwith BigB? what r u upcoming projects?
Jiah Khan answers, acting with mr b was superb and upcoming projects nothing signed yet...lets hope for the best regarding my decisions

Roger asked, Your pairing opposite AB is quite unique as lovers in the Bollywood arena. Do you consider this to boost your career or actually hurt it? Please share some aspect of your upbringing. Any more films in the pipe line??
Jiah Khan answers, it is unique and quite a risk...but worst comes to worst i wouldve learnt such amazing acting tips from such a seasoned actor..regarding boost or not we will have to wait and see

Jiah Khanfaiza asked, hi jiya,u look promising,how do u relate with the idea of a 60 yr old romancing an 18 yr old,I mean do u think it can happen in real life??do u feel older men attractive??
Jiah Khan answers, i think love always happens at the wrong place at the wrong time...i cant say if i would ever fall for an older man..its all personal and subject to if u care about society and their approval and where i am concerned obviously i am now a public figure so i care about society and their opinions.

xyz asked, Are u really there .. or its just fake..
Jiah Khan answers, hi im really here me myself and i jiah khan

yogesh asked, hi jiah!you define yourelf as' rebel without a cause'so is it true in your real life and do u really and do u really resmeble hte character as the one in nishabd?
Jiah Khan answers, im not at all like my character im actually quite the opposite i was the biggest nerd in school

sunny asked, hi jiah u r very glowing as like star
Jiah Khan answers, thank u

Sam asked, Hi Jiah...whats the meaning of your name?
Jiah Khan answers, well i think it means heart or life

Divesh asked, Hey Jiya... U look stunning.Do you accept such relationship in indian community?
Jiah Khan answers, thank u and as far as accepting goes its all up to the person...if u look at indian society and the villages in india they promote child marriages which is a terrible thing then if u go to the high society rich men date younger woemn its happeining everywhere our message is to show you the repurcussions of such a relationship

priya asked, would u date a man older than ur father, in reality?
Jiah Khan answers, no probably not...but then again no one can control destiny

Shameek asked, Hey Jiah! This is Shameek from US. Best of luck on your movie with Amitabh "Nishabd"...I read couple of your interviews; you seem to be very frank in your comments, keep that up...these days very few people have the courage to speak their mind...
Jiah Khan answers, haha yes i do speak my mind fets me into trouble sometimes but im young so i will learn...lets see...i like honest people though otherwise you guys wont know the real me just a moving image on the screen

timepass asked, Jiah....Is this the career you always dreamt of or it just happened?
Jiah Khan answers, it was my dream since i was 6

Rajesh asked, Hi Jiah, how du you feel while working with BigB, did you ever thought of this dream come true so easily?
Jiah Khan answers, never ;)

Jiah Khannandini asked, hello... im looking forward to seeing you in nishabd... how was it working with shraddha arya?? pleez reply
Jiah Khan answers, it was a beautiful experience

timepass asked, Jiah...your mother is from lucknow...and lucknow has a rich culture...does that helps you in anyway...Do you think you inherited some of those qualities
Jiah Khan answers, well i definitely hope so my mum has a beautiful style and way of speaking i hope i can learn from her

Jiah Khan answers, no one convinced me it was purely my decision.

vksoni asked, Hi Im Vinod .Yesterday I have seen your interview on Zee . Very innocent and your eyes are sexy.All the very best for the film. I hope next love story you will do with some young man.
Jiah Khan answers, yes i hope so too..and i as sooo nervous in my Z interview.

khanJ asked, what is ur native palce?
Jiah Khan answers, london, born in new york.

Jiah Khan answers, i think we have a message in nishabd towards the ned of the film and its a positive message. it shouldn't have a big impact on soicety more on certain individuals.

summy asked, wat do u think is d best way 2 change men's attitude towards women?how to make them realise that the word women is associated with lot more than sex?
Jiah Khan answers, that's depends on how you're relationship is with the are known to be less sensitive than's good if u focus on doing constructive things together that you both enjoy etc sports or joining a club it takes the focus off sex.

Jiah Khan answers, no one, it was my decision completely.

Sashikant asked, Jiah, you are fantastic and trusome. Its pleasure to chat with u.
Jiah Khan answers, thank u sashikant.

mh_daimi asked, Hiiii Jiah. This is Irfan here. How was ur experience working with bollywood greats like amitabh and ramgopal verma.
Jiah Khan answers, both treated me like a princess

sharath9 asked, Hello Jiah Khan, Hope you're Nishbad is a hit, you would be successful. I want to know,what you look for to take up new movies? is scripts? challenging role like disable? or commercial aspect? or Production house?
Jiah Khan answers,  i think the whole package should be appealing cause if im happy and excited i will give a convincing performance.

SADHU asked, hi are u, i m from lahore....i hv read tht ur real life is really very emotional....wat u say abt it?
Jiah Khan answers, it is..everyone has a not big deal i focus on the positive

amit apeksha asked, we are londoners as well, whats your favourite place in london?
Jiah Khan answers, my home in chelsea. i miss it.

avanti nishant asked, Hi!! have logged in the tenth time thinking you wud answer my question at least once :( anyways, last try... what role would you kill for if you were to pursue acting as a career
Jiah Khan answers, ummmm monica belluci in the passion of christ

qwertyuiop asked, Hi Jiah ! You certainly must be having a ball right now, with all this attention and poularity. :-) Enjoy your day.
Jiah Khan answers, thank u its very nerve racking actually cos im an introvert

virendra asked, its very confusing our here..where to ask n where to look for answer..anyway thanks jiah for taking so much pain in answering to so many people..but is it really required??? take care and happy holi even if you dont play. bye
Jiah Khan answers, happy holi :0

onelovevinayak asked, hiiiii jiah r u amirs sis
Jiah Khan answers, noooo

Jiahjaan asked, Jiah ths is my 5th question. Please answer at least one,:( Jiah what did you have for breakfast and lunch today?
Jiah Khan answers, coffee no time to eat :(

FRANC asked, Dear Jia Bravo for ur work in Nishabd :) As u a r yough talent I would like to u know ur advice ab acting. Which is the best place to go n learn acting. Thank & Bon Courage :) Bisous
Jiah Khan answers, lee strasberg in new york

mmanish asked, hi jiah...Whats the best thing in "Nishabd"..which will attract the audience...?
Jiah Khan answers, its a highly intense drama with mr b thats enought to attract even a foreigner

jiahlover asked, Would it have been better, if you romanced Amitabh in his prime ??? Or if you were 60 ?? i mean do u regret that ???
Jiah Khan answers, i dont ever regret anything in life

jesuisla asked, hello Jiah wish u all the best & bon courage for Nishabd :)I would like to have some advice on schools where we can learn acting. As a outsider we have no idea where to go. Merci
Jiah Khan answers, lee strasberg in new york

Akshaya asked, Hi Jiah....was it diffic to portray feelings u would not be able to relate to? Or do u think u could fall in love with a much older man?
Jiah Khan answers, it was a challenge but im a professional actor...would not do it in real life

smarat asked, Hi Jiah If you gets a offer to work with Abhishek as a hero and Amitabh as Father will you work
Jiah Khan answers, yup

moon1 asked, for the nth time.. at least answer this time..!!hi jiah.. mamoon from birmingham, uk here.. any plans of comin to uk for promoting nishabd?? and have u been to birmingham..?
Jiah Khan answers, yes ive india for another week then a holdiay in london yyyaaayy!!!

neesha asked, Is the movie of an old man in luv with a young women or a matured person in love with an immatured person??? Which interpretation do you support??? Who else r in ur family??? What was there reaction on seeing the movie??? Who is ur idol in this industry, ur fav actor-actresses?? Why is the movie's name Nishabd???
Jiah Khan answers, its a love story between an older man and a younger girl..i loved the film very emotional and its called nishabd cos it leaves ppl speechless

johnn asked, this is my last attempt...please tell me what was the reaction of ur family members after watching nishabd?
Jiah Khan answers, they were speechless and moved

amitt asked, Hi Jiah, I was watching news and I came to know that u are Aamir Khan's sister. Is that true?
Jiah Khan answers, nope not at all

ram_gopal_verma asked, Jiah, u ignoring me for a while now. I won't even release our movie now!!
Jiah Khan answers, haha very funny i like u uve got guts

kam_jain77 asked, Hi... Kamlesh Here... I m from press... Just wanna asking What is your openion about the kind of love which is shown in Movie. Does it suit our culture?
Jiah Khan answers, films like black friday and even kank are not going agaisnt or for cutlture this is a movie with a beautiful mesg at the end in that aspect it fits in to our social norms and likes

nickk asked, Jiah, Have you read Vladimir Nabokov's Book 'Lolita', on which this movie is based?
Jiah Khan answers, its not based on the novel at all and i read the book when i was 16 asked, ziah reply me plzzzzzz otherewise i'll commit suicide...
Jiah Khan answers, calm down stop being so dramatic

ashup asked, Jiah got to know that u have 2 young sisters who r also interested in bollywud/ is that true?
Jiah Khan answers, nope they are inrerested in different professions

adf asked, Wht do u feel is it really possible in the practical life,i think this movie will not workout in the india?
Jiah Khan answers, i think ppl should go see it with out a hypocritical a film at the need of the day

SISTWAL asked, Hi Jiya,This is Sanjay...can u plz tell me how you got this chance that too with Big B and RGV?
Jiah Khan answers, destiny

Jiah Khan says, gotta run now..thank you all for your wondeful questions...i hope you enjoy the film lots of love and kisses.....jiah khan :)

Photographs: N V Reuben

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