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Jackie Shroff : I Am Not Joining BJP

April 16, 2022 09:48 IST
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'No politics for me.'
'I can't handle that at all.'

IMAGE: Jackie Shroff with Singer and banker and singer Amruta Fadnavis Bharatiya Janata Party Party leader Devendra Fadnavis's wife, at the BJP's Maharojgar Melava for Film and Television in Mumbai, April 11, 2022. Photograph: Kind courtesy Amruta Fadnavis/

Ever since Jackie Shroff was seen in the company of Devendra Fadnavis's wife Amruta Fadnavis on April 11, the hot topic of discussion is Jackie's induction into the BJP.

So is he, or isn't he?

"No no no," responds Jackie emphatically.

"I am not joining any political party." Jaggu Dada tells Subhash K Jha.

"I had gone for the Maharojgar Melava which is an organisation devoted to the welfare of film and television artistes.

"A film industry co-ordinator who often invites me for events such as these, asked me to come and show my support.

"I readily agreed.

"Why not? These ground-level artistes from cinema and television have suffered so much during the two years of the pandemic.

"Unke paas khaane ke liye paise nahin hain (they don't have money for food).

"Their savings have dried up.

"Their families are suffering.

"The children have stopped school.

"They need to get back on their feet.

"The entire film industry needs to support them."

IMAGE: Jackie Shroff with Bigg Boss Marathi 2 winner Shiv Thakare at the Maharojgar Melava. Photograph: ANI Photo

Jackie has always been a people's person.

"You ask me to come to any function in support of the underprivileged, I will happily be there.

"But no politics for me.

"I can't handle that at all."

Jackie's date diary is choc-a-block with projects.

"The digital platform has erupted bigtime. There is no stopping it.

"Every actor who wants to work is now in a position to do so.

"There is no end to what talented actors can do on this medium.

"Me? I am happy doing the work that I am doing.

"At this stage of my career I don't need to do projects just for the sake of working.

"I would be happy to just watch my son working while I take it easy," says Jackie.

IMAGE: Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria and Director Ahmed Khan pose for a photo at the song launch for their upcoming movie Heropanti 2, in Mumbai, April 9, 2022. Photograph: ANI Photo

Jackie is currently busy with multiple films and OTT content His son Tiger Shroff's film Heropanti 2 will release soon.

Jackie is excited as hell.

"I hope it will be another success for my boy.

"Tiger is far more focused and hardworking than I had ever been at his age.

"His action and dancing are mindblowing.

"My wife Ayesha and I are very proud of Tiger.

"All credit for his upbringing must go to his mother and grandmother.

"Whatever he has achieved is on his own.

"Like his father he is a self made man."

Jackie is ready with Atitho Bhoot Bhava with Pratik Gandhi, and Ahmed Khan's Om with Aditya Roy Kapur.

"Like I said," says Jackie, "I am working not only because I love to work but because the roles excite me."

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