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'I might replace Salman in Bigg Boss!'

By Rajul Hegde
October 29, 2018 16:24 IST
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'When I reached home, my mother asked, "Yeh Jasleen kaun hai?"'

After spending a dramatic time on Bigg Boss 12, Anup Jalota has been shown the door.

The celebrated bhajan singer became an Internet sensation and stunned his fans when he entered the reality show with the much younger Jasleen Matharu.

The couple 'broke up' on the show, but patched up with a romantic date.

Jalota maintains that Jasleen and he are not in a relationship.

"There is no girlfriend-boyfriend kind of relationship between us and we are not involved in any romantic or physical relation. It's nothing what audiences think there is; the whole idea was to help her out," Anup Jalota tells contributor Rajul Hegde.

There are reports that your contract with Bigg Boss was for a specific period and you have to fly out for your concerts. You must be happy with your eviction.

No, it is baseless.

I have the same (contract) like everyone else -- for 105 days.

I really enjoyed the show; I want go back.

It is an experience of a lifetime; one can learn so much from the house.

I got to live with commoners, did household chores as well as tasks. It can change your life.

After I reached my home, I didn't allow my servants to do anything.

I was doing the work.

I know it is temporary, but it was a good feeling.

What did you like the most about Bigg Boss?

In the last 30 years of my career, I don't remember the last time I slept for eight hours.

I barely sleep for three or four hours due to concerts and traveling.

It was a boon to get to sleep, eat and do my exercises.

I would sleep on time while some of the housemates would sit and plan their strategies after the lights went off.

I feel so fit and healthy.

I have lost four kilos.

If am sent back to the house, I may lose another four kilos.

In the next season, I might replace Salman as host! (Laughs)


You were angry with Jasleen for choosing makeup and clothes over you. But it didn't look real and later, you patched up with her.

I really didn't feel bad that she chose makeup and clothes over me, but I wanted to teach her a lesson, that materialistic things are not important in life.

That lesson will help her in life.

I think I acted very well -- even the actors failed to recognise it. They were trying to pacify me and justify her decision!

Jalseen and you entered as a jodi. How did your family react after you came out?

Jasleen and I share a musical relationship -- she is my student and I am her teacher.

I help her learn music.

We make each other happy with our music.

There is no girlfriend-boyfriend kind of relationship between us and we are not involved in any romantic or physical relation.

It's nothing what audiences think there is; the whole idea was to help her out.

I want Jasleen to be popular and it was only possible if I went to the show with her.

I have many students who come home to learn music and I try to establish them.

At first, I had refused to be a part of the show, but her father requested to help her out.

I know Jasleen and her family for a long time. I have met them at the airport and their home many times.

During our stay, we got to talk and spend time together.

She will keep learning music from me and I will keep teaching her; we will do shows together.

When I reached home, my mother asked, 'Yeh Jasleen kaun hai?'

She hasn't even met my family members yet.

Who is playing the smartest game?

Surbhi Rana is playing well, but she is loud -- applying a tikka of blood on her forehead was frightening!

I found Sree (Sreesanth) interesting; I would enjoy his antics.

I didn't understand his strategy in the beginning -- every time he would threaten to leave the house.

Gradually, I understood his game plan.

In the secret room, I told him to just climb the toilet roof and make his way out easily, but he never went (laughs).

If you don't want to quit, then perform the tasks. But he did neither.

If he is doing a task, there will be two cameras on him.

But if he threatens to leave, there will be 25 cameras on him, and the housemates will also pacify him. Which is better?

What did you think of Megha Dhade who played an important role in your nomination?

Megha regretted nominating me and even apologised to me. She said that initially, she could not understand me.

It's ironic that Megha nominated me for being self-conscious.

A person, who has earned respect and reputation, would obviously not want to destroy it over fights on a reality show.

I have earned respect in life and don't want to waste it by hurling abuses.

People enjoy watching contestants who indulge in cheap antics for entertainment. I lack that, I guess.

Megha seems to have done a PhD on the show, as she is the winner of Marathi Bigg Boss.

But when you board a train mid-way, there are fewer chances that you will win the show.

Rohit Suchanti and Romil are very strong.

Romil is very smart, but I don't know if he will win. He will reach the finals for sure.

Deepak doesn't have individuality, he just follows Romil's instructions.

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