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#BiggBoss12: Is Jasleen really dating Jalota?

By Rajul Hegde
September 19, 2018 09:07 IST
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Jasleen: 'It will come as a big surprise to my parents. No one is aware of my relationship with Anupji.'
Anup: 'We have a guru-shishya rishta. We have a beautiful equation of music.'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Jasleen Matharu/Instagram

Anup Jalota obviously wants to change his image.

The singer of devotional songs and his singer girlfriend Jasleen Matharu entered the Bigg Boss 12 house, as one of the 'vichitra jodis.'

The couple, who just might be the surprise package this season, created a ripple on the show with their relationship status -- Anup Jalota, 65, has been dating Jasleen, 28, for three-and-a-half years.

Or so, Jasleen tells contributor Rajul Hegde before entering the house.

"Our age gap does not bother me. My life's biggest secret will be given away in Bigg Boss. It will come as a big surprise to my parents and friends as well. No one is aware of my relationship with Anupji. I don't know how they will react, but I will get to know their reactions only after I come out of the house."


IMAGE: A scene from the Bigg Boss house.

Anup Jalota, on the other hand, dismisses claims of dating Jalseen.

"Jasleen is a sweet girl. We have a guru-shishya rishta," he says.

"We have a beautiful equation of music, and I really like her. If she has something in mind, I will ask her inside the house."

What if she proposes inside the house?

"If she proposes to me, I will tell her there is an age gap of 40 years. How can it happen?" Anup asks with a laugh.

"We bumped into each other at the airport, got chatty and exchanged numbers," Jasleen reveals about their first encounter. "Then, it kind of clicked. After that, we started meeting and practicing music together."

"We discuss music a lot and that has kept us together. Even inside the Bigg Boss house, we will entertain people with our music."

Is this relationship for real or is it for publicity?

"I am not doing anything for publicity, everything is real," Jasleen insists.

"I didn't feel it was the right time to reveal our relationship but when this show was offered to us, we thought it was time."

"Anupji is a calm person and handles my anger beautifully," she adds. "If he can handle me inside the Bigg Boss house, it would be great. I usually don't fight, but I don't sit quiet if someone tries to pick a fight."

"Anupji calls me 'pyaari'. I hope I will not surprise him inside the house. Mera pyaarapun hi katam hojaye aur unko lagega yeh toh alagi nikhli (my sweetness will get over, and he will feel that I turned out to be different)," she says with a giggle.

IMAGE: Anuj Jalota and Jasleen dance their way into the show.

Anup Jalota has been married thrice.

Will this relationship culminate in his fourth marriage?

"I don't want to answer this now," she replies.

"I really don't know what will happen inside the house. Once inside, we will know how compatible we are because we have never lived together."

"We barely meet once in a month because of our busy schedules. We usually meet at airports and spend time together. Only after we come out the house will we get to know if we can stay together forever or not," she says.

Anup Jalota feels he is going on a vacation inside the Bigg Boss house.

"I am going inside the house for a paid holiday as I don't get time for myself due to my busy schedules. When they approached me, I thought it's the perfect time to take a vacation, make friends and rest," the singer says.

Anup feels those who consider him a serious personality will have a different perspective about him after the show.

"I will make a lot of friends. If a girl is in a bad mood, I will sing Chaudhvin Ka Chand. I will not sing only bhajans inside."

"Most people know only my serious image, but in reality, I love to crack jokes. I will do yoga, iron my clothes, cook for everyone -- I can make good bhaigan ka bartha, egg bhurji and lachha paratha!" he exclaims.

"I will be the youngest contestant in the house," he says with a laugh. "I am the most experienced person, but not the oldest housemate!"

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